The Popular Social Network Influencer of the Middle East: Hamza Hafed, 96K96

    An Internet celebrity is a celebrity who has earned or developed his reputation and talent through the Internet like social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube channel). The rise of social media has helped people expand their reach to a global audience. Internet or social media celebrities can be recruited by influencer marketing companies to advertise products for their fans and followers on their platforms. In the Middle East, social networks often have influencers but may face additional challenges because their accounts have been well-known. If we talk about the United Arab Emirates social media celebrity, then how can we forget a name that has gained fame in a short time?

    Yes, he is Mr. Hamza Hafed born in Yemen, “Hamza” is famously known as “96k96”. He worked as a comedian before pursuing an acting career. He enjoyed early success on the stage comedy, before achieving fame as social media on the wildly popular sitcom Friends. He is to create a social media star in The United Arab emirate.

    Acting Career

    Hamza started his acting career by making a little fun video with his best friends. He accidentally started making funny jokes with his friends and secretly recorded videos of his friends. And he uploaded these videos on his Social media platform Instagram people enjoyed these videos many more, and he became famous. Hamza Hafed  also loved with his followers.

    Hamza Hafed started his acting vocation as a phase entertainer. At the point when he saw individuals loved his acting and in any event, making the most of his outward appearances. So he chose to make an online life record or videos prank to spread his abilities to whatever number individuals as could be ordinary thinking about the current circumstance. Hamza has 656k Die Heart Followers on his Instagram account. Hamza additionally has a YouTube channel that has countless viewers on his uploaded video. (You can get more information about Hamza by visiting his Instagram account)

    Early life of Hamza   

    Hamza loved acting in school as he used to do moving rather than other activities. He presented many sketches during his school time. Hamza is an intelligent student.  In addition, he worked really hard on education. He graduated from high school with 99% percentage which made him from the Top 15 Students among UAE. Furthermore, he graduated from Khalifa University with a CGPA of 3.85 which made him an Honor with distinction student. He believed that Time Management main key of success in our days.”

    Hamza is a very calm mind throughout his school life. Acting is a gift from God. As a child, Hamza Hafed was fascinated by stage and the top-rated theatre programs of the day. He also has his own YouTube channel. Many people watch his videos and give them a thumb up. He makes short sketches videos on many social issues in this sketch, which he teaches his viewers. He is a young and talented social media star he gets success in a short time all due to his talent and hard work.

    Consumers are one of the most active users of social media platforms in the Middle East. The growing population of youth and the high internet penetration of the area have made this the perfect market for companies such as Instagram and Snapchat, but with over 180 million users, Facebook remains the most influential Middle East site, up from 56 million five years ago. In the social media trends in the country, the diverse population of the UAE is obvious. English-speaking users are usually over Arabic while, according to the research company, social media penetration is 99 percent.