The First True AMD B550 Chipset PCIe info four.0 Motherboard For Ryzen

    CPUs Pictured and careful It looks just like the world’s 1st AMD B550 Chipset based mostly motherboard for third info Ryzen CPUs has been pictured and careful solely by Videocardz. The AMD B550 Chipset based mostly motherboards area unit one thing that gamers trying to make budget builds are trying forward to the foremost however haven’t seen the sunshine of day since the discharge of AMD’s Ryzen 3000 series processors last year. Chipset based mostly Motherboard Pictured and careful 

    UPDATE: It’s like HKEPC possesses the official specifications sheet for the B550 and A520 chipset motherboards coming back in from SOYO but, the chipset does not support PCIe info four.0 natively however rather, AMD permits B550 series motherboards to access PCIe info four.0 protocol from the CPUs. The specs sheet shows that one x16 PCIe info four link would be provided for graphics and there would even be info four support for Storage. The A520 chipset, on the opposite hand, would keep on with PCIe info three support however will not feature overclocking and twin graphics support, that is obtainable on the higher-end X570 and B550 motherboards. 

    Original Post: Back in Jan, it absolutely was rumored that production on AMD’s B550 budget and A520 entry-tier chipsets would begin in Q1 2022. Well from the appearance of it, the primary chipsets area unit currently being equipped to motherboard makers UN agency are watching for a protracted time to integrate them on their cost-efficient motherboard lineups. The AMD B550 chipset motherboard that we tend to area unit staring at is from a Chinese manufacturer, SOYO, UN agency is additionally the sister complete of Maxsun in China. 


    • The Motherboard Shown


    The motherboard shown is that the SOYO B550M that comes in a very small ATX style. simply from the appearance of it, the motherboard appearance to be terribly} very early style section and that we can point out why that’s thus. Technical aspects of the SOYO B550M motherboard embody the AM4 socket that is battery-powered by a six section power provide. The CPU is provided power through one 8-pin connection. 

    There area unit four 4-pin fan ports on the borders of the motherboard. For memory, we tend to area unit staring at 2 DDR4 slots that may be able to support up to thirty-two GB capacities. The slots appear to feature metal shielding that could be a nice feature for a budget-oriented motherboard. For growth, the motherboard carries 2 full-length PCIe x16 slots, one PCIe x1 slot and additionally, a single M.2 slot. 

    There area unit four SATA III six Gaps ports and you’ll be able to spot the big AMD B550 chipset between the tail ends of the PCIe slots. Now the factor with B550 and also the existing B550A motherboards is that the latter is geared toward OEMs and is not actually a replacement chipset however rather a revision of the B450 chipset. verity B550 chipset, that we tend to area unit staring at here, are going to be able to support PCIe info four. protocol natively across the growth slots.

    The PCIe slots  area unit are colored red and have the metal shielding and also the reason I expressed that this still seems like extremely awfully} early sample is because of the very fact that the PCH and VRM heat sinks area unit really missing from the motherboard despite the fact that there are holes on the board wherever the heat sinks can install in. the opposite attention-grabbing feature of this board is that the Dragon etching within the middle that positively offers the SOYO B550M a novel bit. 

    Other than that, we tend to got some array of I/O ports. we will positively expect additional AMD B550 chipset-based choices within the coming back months aboard the entry-level A520 motherboards. With the recent launch of AMD’s 7nm, Zen a pair of based mostly Renoir APUs for notebooks and future fourth info Ryzen 4000 APUs for the desktop market, the B550 and A520 chipsets would create a decent dance orchestra and even with PCIe three.0 aboard (versus PCIe four.0 on X570), the lower tier chips would supply much better price proposition than the X570 high-end motherboards.