The Coolest Emojis to Use in Your Posts, Chats, and Texts

It’s amazing how powerful emojis are when you incorporate them in your posts, texts, and chats. Emojis are considered the new language of the internet era, and they are common in every aspect of our digital life nowadays. 

These so-called shorthand expressions can make the meaning of a message more concise and add flavor or emotion to your message. Since there are a lot of emojis right now, we should know the coolest and the hippest among them. Here’s an article for that purpose. 

Fire Emoji

For sure, you often see the emoji fire on the internet, especially on various social media platforms. You can use this emoji to mean a literal fire or describe something lit, hot, or awesome. Mainly, people who use the Fire Emoji as a sign of approval, admiration, or praise. 

Flexed Biceps Emoji

In 2010, the Flexed Biceps Emoji came out as part of the Unicode 6.0. The emoji shows an arm with flexed biceps, and it represents accomplishment, pride, satisfaction, or arrogance (whether it be pure arrogance or just for fun). For example, you can use the Flexed Biceps Emoji to show off that you’ve just finished working out, bought your dream house, or anything that shows your accomplishments.

Smiling Face with Sunglasses Emoji

Yes, the Smiling Face with Sunglasses Emoji is indeed cool the way you look at it. Like the Flexed Biceps Emoji, you can use this emoji if you want to show off or make a power move. It can also mean that you’re satisfied, confident, happy-go-lucky, proud, untroubled, and the like. 

Oncoming Fist

The next on our list is one of the most popular hand emojis right now. The Oncoming Fist shows a clenched fist moving forward as if doing a fist bump or punching. 


Most people use this emoji as a greeting or congratulation. Others use it to express aggression or hate. No matter what purpose you use it, the Oncoming Fist Emoji is included in our coolest emojis list. 

Money-Mouth Face Emoji

The Money-Mouth Face Emoji is perhaps the most favorite emoji among hustlers, businessmen, or money-makers. This emoji displays an image of a face with a green dollar bill thrusting (like a tongue) out of the mouth and dollar signs in place of the eyes. You can use this emoji to express that you love money, or you’re desirous of having money. 

Horn Sign

Do you love Rock n’ Roll? Are you a cool person? Well, there’s no better way to express yourself than by using the Horn Sign Emoji in your chats, texts, and social media posts. The Horn Sign is included in the Unicode 8.0, and it was unveiled in 2015. 


Since then, its popularity went off the roof because there are just a lot of Rock n’ Roll fans who can relate to this shorthand expression. 

Zany Face Emoji

The Zany Face Emoji shows a picture of a grinning face with its tongue sticking out and eyes askew. This emoji expresses the feeling of craziness, weirdness, wackiness, or just pure fun. 

Face Wearing a Cowboy Hat Emoji

Movies have taught us that cowboys are cool. So, it’s not surprising that many people on the internet use the emoji showing the image of a smiling face wearing a cowboy hat to express their apparent coolness, manliness, or confidence. This emoji has variations across different platforms. 


Using emojis is indeed the new cool nowadays. Emojis are so popular that you can see them all over the internet. They add emotion and meaning to a message, and they also reveal a bit of something when it comes to the user’s personality.