The Most Popular Emojis Today and What They Mean

One of the most significant benefits of technology in our lives is the fast transmission of communication, even in long-distance. With your smartphone, laptop, or computer, you can now send messages to your friends and family or do business wherever you’re in the world. 

But, aside from this obvious benefit, technology has also changed how we use language and symbols in our everyday digital interaction. For instance, we facilitate communication by incorporating shorthand expressions like emojis in our texts, chats, and social media posts. 

Emojis have this power to make your message clear and straightforward. They also reinforce the emotive factor of language, which is crucial in non-face-to-face communication. So, if you want to try using emojis, it’s a must to know the most popular emojis today and the meanings behind them. 

Fire Emoji

There’s no way you’re not familiar with the Fire Emoji. It’s one of the coolest and widely used emojis all over the internet right now. Like other emojis, the Fire Emoji have different meanings based on the context it’s used. 


Of course, you can utilize this emoji to mean a literal fire or show approval to something. For instance, if you see an excellent product posted on Facebook, you can drop a fire emoji png on the comments to say that the product is awesome.

Heart Eyes

The Heart Eyes Emoji can also be used to express your approval of something. More commonly, people use it to show their infatuation, admiration, or love to someone. So, basically, you can use the Heart Eyes Emoji to show what you feel for things or people. 

Waving Emoji

The Waving Emoji is the go-to shorthand expression to greet someone or say farewell. Besides ordinary digital communication, you can also use it in marketing to add a certain level of warmth when you’re interacting with your potential customers. For instance, you can use the Waving Emoji to introduce your target audience to your business or new product. 

Face with Tears of Joy

In 2017, the Face with Tears of Joy Emoji became the most popular emoji in the US. If you feel happy, amused, or delightful at something or someone, you can use this emoji to show your emotion. This emoji saves you time and effort from typing “hahaha” or “lol.”

Side Eye Emoji

If someone tells a joke and it’s not funny, you can use the Side-Eye Emoji to respond in a more reserved or amusing way. It’s among the most flexible emojis today because you can also use it if you’re the one making corny jokes or sending sarcastic messages. It’s like hinting that you know the joke is not-so-funny or you’re not being serious. 

Flushed Face

The Flushed Face Emoji is another versatile shorthand expression on our list. You can use this emoji to express embarrassment, humility, confusion, or gratitude. For instance, if you receive a compliment out of the blue, you can express your confused feelings by using the Flushed Face emoji. 

Thinking Emoji

The Thinking Emoji is a convenient way to tell everyone that you’re considering or doubtful about something. When a piece of controversial news pops out on social media, you can react to the issue by using this emoji. You can also use it when you’re not sure about a thing, and you want to solicit the knowledge or opinion of a person/s. 


Emoji is indeed a great tool to reinforce, simplify, or add emotion to your message online. It won’t be called a new language if not for its capacity to transform digital communication. If you want to learn more about emojis, it’s a great start to know the most popular emojis today.