The Best Forex Promotions, No Deposit Promotions and Special Promotions

    At Daily Forex, our main objective is to help you generate profits in the foreign exchange market, either through the technical analysis of the market, with free signals or with the most complete information about all the Forex promotions offered by the brokers that are available in a time determined. We have researched the market to find prestigious brokers that offer reliable and useful promotions, both deposit promotions and deposit-free Forex promotions, hoping that this information is useful and helps you make your investment more efficient.

    We will update this list of special promotions regularly, to include new offers, discounts and free gifts, when available. Be sure to check this section if you are looking for a broker or a new incentive!

    Want to better understand the types of promotions on the market?

    We provide a clear description of each alternative, so you have an idea of ​​the type of promotion that fits your negotiation style.

    Volume promotions

    This type of Forex promotion, also known as group promotions, is known to be ideal for medium and advanced traders who may be able to reach certain trading volumes. Commercial promotions may look very attractive at first sight for new merchants; however, it may be difficult for them to meet requirements to be eligible to pay.

    Promotions without deposit

    As an incentive, promoting a Forex without deposit is extremely rare, especially because a Forex broker is required to offer something (usually money) to a trader without requesting a deposit. If you find a promotional offer without a Forex deposit, it is a good idea to read small messages before submitting your personal data.

    Deposit Promotions

    An ideal incentive for new operators, the Deposit Promotion offers exactly what its name suggests: a monetary prize or incentive for new operators who are making a deposit for the first time. While some brokers may offer a free forex bonus for regular customers, this type of incentive is not as common as the one normally provided to new customers.


    Another promotional offer suitable for mid- or advanced level traders is Forex discounts, which consist of the refunds the operator receives in his account for each payment traded. This is slightly different from free trade promotion, which usually contains a specific volume of transactions that need to be met to receive interest.

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