Signs That Insurance Company is Stalling You

After getting into an accident due to someone else’s negligence, you will have hundreds of questions and emotions running through your mind. Insurances are taken to protect themselves from any unwanted event. Whether you get into a slip and fall accident, car accident, or accident due to someone else’s negligence, you can hold the at-fault party responsible for compensating for your injuries and losses.

After you file for the claim, the at-fault party’s insurance company is responsible for paying for your losses. Unfortunately, the insurance company works to maximize their profits rather than wishing for your well-being. Therefore, they will take all the chances to delay, deny, or lower your claim.

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Here are a few signs that the insurance company is stalling you
  1. The insurance adjuster tries to blame you for the accident. Sometimes, there may even be a 1% chance that you were to blame for the accident. Additionally, suppose you have apologized after the accident as a gesture of sympathy and pity. In that case, your apology will also be used against you to determine that you were at fault too.
  2. The insurance company denies paying you compensation. This is one of the most devastating situations where the insurance company will use dirty tactics to deny your compensation. In many cases, the company will say that you have passed the deadline or you do not meet the eligibility criteria for filing for compensation.
  3. The insurance company asks for a recorded statement after the accident. The recorded statement is a part of the legal process. However, many victims are unaware that you can also give a written statement to the company rather than a recorded one. A written statement ensures you do not commit any mistakes while providing the insurance company with your statement of the accident scene. Remember, when giving a written statement, having the presence of a lawyer is essential.

Reasons why the insurance company may stall your claim

After filing the claim, the insurance company will do complete research about your accident. One of the prominent signs that the insurance company is stalling you is that they do not respond to your emails, texts, or calls. The insurance company may try to delay the communication to reduce your claim.

Additionally, the insurance company will act in bad faith is by blaming you. There are chances that the insurance company will believe that you were at fault too for the accident. Sometimes the insurance company will think that your claim is fraudulent, meaning you are faking or exaggerating your injuries.

The insurance company will deny your claim saying that the claim is fraudulent and they need to do further investigation to verify. Even if you apply for compensation from the insurance company for which you pay a premium, they do not work in your favor. The insurance adjusters are trained to save the company’s money, blaming you.

Furthermore, the insurance company will spy on you. Remember, keeping an eye on your daily activities, including social media activity, is not done illegally. The insurance adjusters can keep an eye on your work in public places. However, if you believe the insurance adjusters are invading your privacy in personal spaces, you can point it out and take action against them.

It is vital to contact a lawyer in Georgia. A lawyer can determine why the company is stalling you and further take legal actions.

What to do if the insurance company is stalling you?

When the insurance company is stalling you, you can take legal action by filing a lawsuit. However, before you file for a lawsuit, remember to keep all the documentation from your accident safe. Documents and evidence such as medical records, police reports, proof of injuries, photographs and videos of the accident, and more will come in handy. Moreover, the documents and evidence will also help when the insurance company conducts additional investigations.

Remember, when you speak to the insurance company, take notes of who you are talking to and when you spoke to them. One of the common tactics used by the insurance company is trying to divert you to other numbers, so you get overwhelmed and decide to drop the claim.

If you speak to multiple people from the insurance company, you can note all the details of the people you are talking to. Doing so also allows your legal team to track down people you have spoken to regarding your claim.

Here are a few essential tips to prevent the insurance company deny or lowering your compensation:

  • Stay away from social media until your case is settled. Sometimes you may feel the need to post an old picture that you took on a vacation as you are bored in the house and recovering. However, if the picture does not mention a specific date, there is a high chance the insurance company’s statement will trap you that you are exaggerating your injuries. Therefore, avoid talking about your accident, compensation amount, or the legal process on the internet.
  • Do not talk about the compensation with anyone other than your lawyer. You are bound to have multiple emotions when the legal procedure occurs. However, it would help if you refrained from talking about your accident and the legal procedure with anyone, including your family members. You can discuss all the details with your lawyer instead.
  • Avoid talking to the insurance adjuster without consulting a lawyer. If the insurance adjuster approaches you after reporting the accident asking for a recorded statement, make sure you do not fall for their trap. You can politely refuse to give a statement unless you discuss it with your lawyer.

Speak to a lawyer today!

The insurance company will always work in the company’s favor. Therefore, the moment you get into an accident, make sure you speak to an experienced lawyer who specializes in your case. A lawyer will go through your case and help eliminate the insurance company’s use of its tactics against you.