Top 3 Ways Social Media Is Important For SEO

Here is how social media helps SEO

Top Ways Social Media Is Important For SEO

In this age of social media, a lot of companies pay a great deal of attention to their social media strategy. But still, it is commonly believed that social media has got nothing to do with the SEO of a website.

While Google doesn’t factor the social media likes and followers while ranking a business website in the search results, there is a 2018 study according to which the content with a higher number of shares on social networks saw around 20 percent of boost over the study period.

This article aims to help you identify the link between social media standing and the SEO performance of your business website.

Three ways social media helps rank websites!

Social media is an integral part of the online identity of any business. Businesses that have their official social accounts well managed enjoy a better reputation than those which do not. If you want to add credibility to your business and improve its SEO performance, you need to seek professional help. You can get in touch with one of the SEO Services Company in Dubai to improve your business image and recognition level among the masses.

How social media helps SEO is as follows:

Content Gets Indexed

While Google algorithms do not take into account the number of followers, likes, or shares while indexing a website, social media profiles do help enhance ranking. Influential social profiles definitely affect the content that appears in a user’s search results. In fact, social profiles are among the top search results on Google. If you search the name of a world-recognized company, you may see that their Instagram or Facebook page will appear among the top results on your screen.  

If you keep a few social channels active, these will make your brand more reachable to your audience and the engagement level will also enhance significantly. If you invest in good social profiles, and their content is up-to-date, it will add value to your brand’s online presence.  

Helps Build online Authority

When there is a good chunk of content on your website, you are highly likely to get it ranked quickly with the help of link building. If this content is shared on influential accounts on social media, the level of authority that your website enjoys will improve significantly.

Active and informative social accounts will make your online presence felt among the masses. Thus you will be able to keep on providing them reminders that you exist, and they can seek your service or product at any time. But more importantly, people begin to trust brands that have an online presence. If a name keeps appearing, and people are engaging with it, people won’t fear any fraudulent implications. You can use your social media presence smartly by diverting half your customer service there.

Involves Real People

While SEO is a technical field and involves the usage of tools and techniques for the optimization of your content, you need to pay attention to the non-technical aspects of it as well. Without the support of social media, search engine optimization often proves to be futile or ineffective in improving your website performance.  The way out is the acquisition of first-hand information on what you need to do.

Social media involves real people. If you make your brand known on social media and simultaneously add relevant content on your website, only then can you expect your website to rank well? Social media gives you a chance to interact with your customers and take their feedback. There’s no better way to optimize your content then to tailor it according to what people say they need.

Google doesn’t value social signals!

Social signals are the indicators that show how well known a social profile is among the masses. The Google algorithm doesn’t take into account the number of likes your average post gets on Facebook. Neither does it put you on a pedestal if you have a million followers on twitter. It says that social signals have nothing to do with the needs of the online user.

But just because Google algorithm doesn’t take the social signal into account right now, it doesn’t mean it won’t in the future either. Also, consider the benefits that social media still has there to give for your SEO performance on the web. You must not ignore that there are other search engines as well. For example, Bing takes into account social signals. So, who knows, Google may begin to consider them to someday!

Maintain social media accounts for SEO!

Social media is playing a key role in today’s world of digital media for all kinds of businesses. No matter how technical SEO in its essence is, the relevance of social media cannot be denied. Thus take care of your brand’s presence on social networks.