Share Market Franchise – A Growing Business Model in India

Expanding service through a third party agent is often a way business, including the stock market brokers.

In order to suffice and stand up to the increased customer base they manage to acquire, they often commit with a third party, where the party acquires license to obtain the business operations, including the trademark of the company.

If you obtain and invest in such franchise, you shall be able to provide services and products to your clients under the brand’s trademark.

What do you know about Share Market Franchise?

Two parties often form an agreement, where the company whose services are passed on to the third party is referred to as the franchiser, whereas the third party is referred to as the franchisee.

Franchisee often obtains the right to use the proprietary information, the operations etc through a franchise agreement. The franchisee can then render the business’s services and products to their clients, wherein the stock broking companies let them enjoy a greater portion of the brokerage charge.

Having a license with the franchiser is important and therefore, a fee and a start up money are generally paid by the franchisee to the company.

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What are the various benefits of Share Market Franchise?

Benefits of a Sub Broker Franchise are several, which when availed, can be enjoyed for full and final. Here are some of the pin pointed benefits, which would be the basis of considering investing in a franchise.

  • First and foremost benefit is buying a well-made business plan, where all you need to do is execute it.
  • Fixed percentage of broking charge would be enjoyed by you, a part of the brokerage fee which is paid by the client of the company. Such percentage enjoyed by the franchise is generally high.
  • A pretty low amount of investment fetched, can be put up in a share market franchise and it is just great to go. There might be an amount which is to be deposited with the broker, and it is not a rule of thumb.
  • Stock brokers are generally high on all kind of services, and they usually provide to all the marketing needs of the franchise. Also, they provide proper training support to the franchise and its members as they would be representing the company, the brand.
  • Advisory benefits are rolled out to the franchises by the companies, which can be contributed towards the increase in client base as well as revenue.

What are the various types of Share Market Franchise?

Before you go ahead with the idea of setting up a franchise, you need to have a hold of the different types of franchise which exist and the best one you can go for.

Master Franchise

This type of franchise is territory oriented, where the franchise agreement is more than just the selling of products and services of the franchiser. They are delegated all the franchising activities of the territory, where they are paid franchise fee, for every new franchise which is set up under their territory.

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Sub Brokership

Commonly, a sub-broker is an agent of the company who has to get a certification of clearance in SEBI, where the permission to deal with the securities are granted to the customers. a sub-broker, when clears the certification can then move ahead and get along with a stock broker to sell its good and services in the local market.

Partner Program

This individual is basically the agent of the franchiser who brings up clients and enjoys the commission which is granted. The commission is not great, as they are entitled to a less ratio as compared to the other types of franchises. They are responsible for a lot of areas of trade and they can at times also work on the franchiser’s office premise based on the client’s requirement.

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It can be a great idea to invest in a franchise as you will have access to entire built up business plan and its products. Having the benefits of working for a reputed brand, using its name is often reward able.

You are spared up the hassle of building a company from the scratch and it takes just a mere number of 15 to 20 days to get into a franchise agreement with a top stock broker.