Hosting with free email: 10 companies offering this benefit


 The professional email service is an important part of the online presence of any modern company or professional. Those who only need e-mail have at their disposal a range of options to exclusively contract this service. However, when we need a website hosting and also the e-mail service, some doubts may arise.

Should I hire the email separately from the hosting? Won’t that be more expensive? Which companies offer free email hosting? These and other questions are very common, especially for those who have no experience in the field.

Not all companies offer hosting plans with email included. Fortunately, many companies do this, which greatly simplifies service management. After all, it is very convenient to have control of the website and email in the same place.

In this article we will show the advantages and disadvantages of hiring a hosting service with e-mail, explaining to whom it is indicated and how to evaluate a hosting of this type. In the end, you will also meet 10 companies that offer hosting with free email in the plan. Follow and stay on top!

How to appraise a hosting along with email included

As we will see below, the companies that offer this feature, hosting with email, do it in a very different way. Among the main differences, we can mention: Storage space while some companies account for the same disk space for the website and e-mails, others offer space only for the website and specific space for e-mails. Besides, some establish a total space for emails, while others, a space for each account.

What to do in this case? When comparing the spaces offered by the companies, consider how each one treats the space of the email. For example, if you intend to have only 2 email accounts, it may be more interesting to hire a plan that offers a total of 50 GB for email, than one that offers 12 GB per account.

In the first case, you will have up to 25 GB per account, which is more than double the second option. On the other hand, if you create 10 accounts, you will have 5 GB per account in the first option, while in the second you will have 12 GB. In summary, understanding your needs can make all the difference when choosing a hosting with email.

Several email accounts you can find companies that offer unlimited email accounts, that is, where you can create as many email accounts as needed. In others, the number of mailboxes is limited by plan what to do in this case? First of all, remember that having unlimited accounts is not having unlimited emails. 

In cases like this, the limit will certainly be in the storage space. Therefore, when analyzing a hosting plan with unlimited accounts, try to find out which space is destined for e-mails. With this information, you will have an idea of ​​how many emails you can create with the desired space for each account. If you don’t know how much space to allocate to each email, compare it to a free email you already use, like Gmail or Hotmail (or Outlook). It is a good reference to start with.

As we have seen, when looking for a hosting plan with email included, it is important to assess whether the items listed above are in line with your needs and then choose the best option.

Who is the email hosting service for?

The e-mail service included in the personal email hosting is suitable for those who wish to have e-mail accounts in their domain and who do not wish to invest a lot in this regard. Considering that it is possible to hire personal email hosting services with email for less than R $ 20 per month, it is a low investment, due to the benefit it offers.

Besides, companies with many e-mail accounts will also be able to benefit from such a hosting, especially in plans whose number of e-mails is unlimited. This is because, in this case, the charge is not made for the number of accounts, as is the case for exclusive e-mail services.

It is worth remembering that the email included in the hosting is generally more limited than that offered by professional email solutions, such as Google’s G Suite, or Microsoft Office 365. However, if the email is just a complement to your online presence and the usage is not that high, it can be very convenient to use it together with the hosting.

Companies offering website hosting and email

Below, we have separated 10 companies that offer the email service included in the hosting, at no additional cost. You will see that the service offer varies in each of them. Therefore, make an assessment based on your needs and choose the most suitable one.


One of the largest in the world and present in the UK since 2008. Recognized for offering cost-effective accommodation. Unlimited email accounts 100 GB of storage (total, hosting and e-mails) Promotional plan from R $ 8.59 / month (45% discount)

King Host

It is among the largest in the UK, offering hosting plans with a server in the country. Unlimited email accounts 50 GB of storage (total, email only) Plans from R $ 12.50 / month (60% discount)


Host one of the pioneers in the segment in the UK, with its data center and good cost-benefit ratio. Up to 30 email accounts 12 GB of storage (for each email account) Promotional plan from R $ 9.90 / month (45% discount)


The largest hosting company in the UK, with its own data center in the country. Up to 25 email accounts 10 GB of storage (for each email account) Promotional plan from R $ 12.90 / month (45% discount)

In Motion

Hosting plans with unlimited resources and a 90-day money-back guarantee. Site and support in English. Unlimited accounts unlimited storage Plans starting at $ 5.99 / month (25% discount) VISIT WEBSITE

Site Ground 

A company with a presence in 13 countries. Offers free CDN and SSL on hosting. Site and support in English. Unlimited accounts 2 GB of storage (for each email account) Plans to start at $ 2.95 / month (70% discount)

Dream Host

It guarantees 100% uptime in hosting plans and a full refund within 97 days. Site and support in English. Unlimited accounts 2 GB of storage (for each email account) Plans to start at $ 5.78 / month (40% discount)


Multinational with a presence in the UK, known for offering cheap accommodation. Guarantee repayment in 30 days. Only 1 email account 10 GB of storage Plans from R $ 2.29 / month (90% discount)

Web Link 

Hosting with presence in the UK and servers in the UK or the United States. awake towards 30 days money-back guarantee. Up to 2 email accounts 10 GB of storage (total, for all accounts) Plans from R $ 2.55 / month (90% discount)


UK Company, since 2001 in the hosting market. Plans with CDN included. Up to 25 email accounts 2 GB of storage (for each email account) Plans from R $ 12.90 / month (64% discount)


As we have seen, it can be advantageous to hire a website hosting service with free email. This way, you can create email boxes linked to your website domain without having to pay anything more for that. Did you have any questions or would you like to add something? Leave us a comment!