Massiahg Drops New EP “Stuck In Qurantine”

Rapper Massiahg recently released a EP on April 20th not only for the stoners, but for individuals stuck on lockdown from the on-going virus pandemic. The project contains three records by the name of Labels Entourage, Assinate Tr*mp, & See Right Through. It sounds like a new wave of rap mixed with a grudge taste. The native New York artist gave us an inside of what it was like creating the “Stuck In Qurantine” project. “It was a vibe recording these songs I took my time on every record. There was no pen or notepad used, I prefer not to write, since it’s easier to let off what comes to mind in the current moment. I released “Stuck In Quarantine” on 4/20 for cannabis users & supporters to vibe through while being held on lockdown.The three records are placed in chronological order from mood & transition switches over dark euphoric beats produced by DUFF & LUK. First track is called “Labels Entourage” (feat. Syte) I wanted to bring back an original tune with clean lyrics, the production is a chill LO-FI vibe. Alongside “Assinate Tr*mp” produced by LUK which is a rebellious energetic crowd jumping record that speaks on governmental, political issues. Lastly “See Right Through” (feat. Steelo) produced by DUFF is an airy out of space raw feel that we were able to capture & use to our advantage, I had fun experimenting with new sounds while pushing limits being stuck inside.”

Where did you record the Stuck In Quarantine EP?

“I recorded all songs on the project at my 555rother Syte’s crib. There’s a home studio setup we have, that we use to knock out songs it was a specefic sound I was working to capture outside of a official recording studio. I like being in my own space along with being surrounded by individuals in my team. It has a big impact on the way the music comes out, the energies have to be on point otherwise it would tarnish what I seek to accomplish in the session.

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