Exactly how much Does Sofa Cleaning Cost on Average?

There are a variety of variables which figure out just how much you will need to spend to have your sofa cleaned. At local expert cleaning, we’ve many years of expertise cleaning a broad range of upholstered furniture such as armchairs, sofas, dining and office chairs, bed headboards, mattresses and other things.


With this content, we are going to explain what the typical couch cleaning price is and just how this cost is made.


Variables which figure out the sofa cleaning costs You may be wanting to know why professional sofa cleaning costs differ from a single company to the next. The explanation is the fact that every business uses various means as well as features a diverse policy when you are looking at cost estimation. Here’s a summary of the key elements that determine the cost of sofa cleaning:


Number and type of furniture pieces. The costs are actually many different whether you book an upholstery cleaning for a two or perhaps three seated, armchair or even a four-person L shaped sofa etc.

Scheduling. In many instances, like booking during bank holidays, the cost might be a bit more compared to booking a sofa cleaning during normal workday hours.

Application of stain protector. If requested, stain safety could be put on to the surface area of the couch of yours at an extra expense. Stain protectors like Scotchgard are actually sprayed on the outside to defend it from stains soaking in the fabric.

The fabric type and cleaning strategy. The price of cleaning will differ based on the couch cleaning method ideal for the furnishings of yours.

Added service charges. When booking an upholstery cleaning, you may choose to blend it with a service like a home cleaning, carpet cleaning as well as bed bug treatment.

Types of sofa cleaning strategies Based on the fabric type your upholstered furniture is actually made of, the cleaning technician will make use of by far the most appropriate method and tools so that the furniture is actually both cleaned to the best standard and shielded from harm.


water extraction

 If your sofa is actually made of artificial or maybe wool fabrics, hot water extraction will be used where water under stress is actually forced straight into the fibres, dislodging some soiling and dirt. At exactly the same time, using a strong vacuum, the water is actually sucked back, removing 99% of the moisture content instantly.


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What’s Hot Water Extraction cleaning?


Dry sofa cleaning On the other hand, in case your sofa is actually made of delicate or maybe not water-resistant fabrics, dry sofa cleaning would be the ideal strategy. A professional dry chem cleaning system consists of the following steps:


Assessment of the fabric type on the upholstered sofa. Based on the fabric type, different cleaning solutions will be used;

To put together the sofa for dry cleaning, the tech support is going to pre-treat some spots or perhaps dirty patches;

With a specialised machine, an important solvent is used under great pressure, ensuring it goes heavy in the fabric; The printer and then sucks back the solvent along with all of the dissolved dirt.

Dry foam cleaning is actually a strategy applied to probably the most delicate materials such as those that are non-water-resistant.


The upholstery is diligently vacuumed and a conditioning spray is used to dissolve some dirt;

Foam is actually used with a specific machine, with care not to overwet the surface;

After around 10 minutes, the foam is going to harden and it’ll be sucked out with a strong vacuum; The upholstered furnishings will be ready and dry to wear in an hour.

Leather sofa cleaning When cleaned and maintained properly, leather is able to outlast other furniture fabrics. It’s recommended to abandon the leather cleaning to the experts as incorrect treatment might harm the fabric even further. Leather sofa cleaning consists of:


Assessment of the problem of the leather and tests of the washing solution;

Application of foam leather cleaner on the upholstered furniture;

Cleaning off the dirt with a gentle brush and cotton cloth; Application of a leather rejuvenation item to defend the leather from future staining.

What’s the common professional sofa cleaning cost in London and the UK?

The typical sofa cleaning price varies between £23 to £120 based on the kind and dimensions of the sofa, the cloth it is made of, the cleaning technique used in addition to various other elements. 


Is professional upholstery cleaning worth the money?


 However, there are lots of individuals that try to clean stains themselves with the idea to help save a couple of quid, nonetheless, in many instances, the outcome is actually a damaged sofa that is not possible to clean much with expert machines.


The bunch and mix of synthetic and natural materials used in today’s upholstery furniture allow it to be difficult to learn how to deal with it the proper way. Furthermore, the tech support will understand what special detergents to use, ways to use them and the way to run the washing devices, making specialized upholstery the safer, much better choice.


When attempting to clean stains at home, you run the risk of:

Not understanding what fabric your upholstery furniture is actually made of;

Using the incorrect detergent and cleaning method;

Lacking the correct equipment and tools;

Lacking the understanding of how you can treat every stain; All of the above can lead to undesirable outcomes.

On the other hand, booking an experienced upholstery cleaning with Fantastic Cleaners ensures you do not need to be worried about any of that, the tech support will take care of everything while you invest the time of yours on much more important things.


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Often asked questions about sofa cleaning

Q: How frequently must a sofa be cleaned?

The couch of yours along with other upholstered furniture get dirty from a selection of sources like soil, sweat, food stains and dust. Particularly in case you’ve pets and kids at home that like playing on the couch often, it’s suggested to have your sofa professionally cleaned every six to twelve weeks.


Q: What kind of clothing is the warm water extraction suitable for?

The hot water extraction technique is preferred for natural substances like wool, satin, in addition to polyester some other synthetic and mixed elements. A powerful machine sprays a special fluid under stress, reaching deep in the fabric. This sofa cleaning technique isn’t advised for soothing and non-water resistant fabrics. See the clothes label on the furniture of yours and even talk to our friendly customer service staff members to discover the perfect way the upholstery of yours may be cleaned.


Q: How’s sofa cleaning done by Fantastic Cleaners?

An upholstery cleaner or perhaps a group of cleaners will arrive at the street address of yours and examine the clothing of the furniture of yours and determine what kind of detergent is very appropriate. The technician comes equipped with an assortment of detergents prepared to cure by far the most popular kinds of stains. Following the stain treatment, the tech support is going to use a specific cleaning machine to thoroughly clean your upholstered furniture. Then, after a drying time of several hours, you are able to appreciate your newly cleaned furniture.


Q: Are there any stains that can’t be cleaned?

Many stains can be cleaned, nonetheless, if a stain has reached way too deep into the fabric or even hasn’t been managed for a longer time, it is going to be quite difficult to eliminate and the cloth might be harmed during the washing process. Some stains including blood and liquid stains are close to not possible to eliminate. Be sure to call    local upholstery cleaning as well as show us the fabric type of the sofa of yours as well as the kind of stain you need to get rid of and the helpful staff members of ours will inform you even further.