Sealed Paper Packaging Market Key Players, Size, Trends, Opportunities and growth Analysis

Demand from various end-use industries for innovative packaging solutions is the key behind development of sealed paper packaging. Sealed paper packaging solutions enable packaging of dry products such as flour, grains, or sugar into sustainable monomaterial-paper in place of plastic film or polymer. With the expansion of FMCG products and other consumables, sealed paper packaging display potential to satisfy needs of innovative packaging material.

Sealed paper packaging extend functional advantages for packaged products. Sealed paper packaging enable clean shelves, improved product quality, and high product protection. Extended shelf life of products, stability, hygiene, and printability are some other benefits of sealed paper packaging accounting for their increasing use. This makes sealed paper packaging an excellent packaging solution.

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Sealed paper packaging is the choice of consumers too. Sealed paper packaging serves to be a suitable packaging solution than plastic for consumables such as sugar and grains. Easy to open feature also strengthens demand for sealed paper packaging from consumers.

Sealed paper packaging is witnessing demand due to shift in consumer behavior. Consumers, today, are increasingly opting for environmentally sustainable packaging solutions. This, coupled with advantages of paper packaging is resulting in increasing use of sealed paper packaging.

Furthermore, increasing government ban on use of plastic packaging and rising awareness among individuals to use environmentally sustainable products is resulting in expanded demand for alternate packaging solutions. Sealed paper packaging fits the purpose.

Sealed paper packaging is available as boxes, bags, and pouches. This expands the applications of sealed paper packaging. Key applications of sealed paper packaging is for packed snacks, confectioneries, pharmaceutical, groceries, and cosmetics.

On the downside, limitation of use of sealed paper packaging only for packaging of dry food products is limiting their use. This prevents use of sealed paper packaging for liquids such as beverages and tonics.

Packaging has become a vital constituent of modern life due to the ease of transportation, storage and inclination of the consumer towards a wide usage of bags. Moreover, food products, health supplements and electronic components are some of the things that have witnessed improvements in terms of demand over the last few years and are more easily available due to an effective packaging solution. Instead of using polymer and plastic packaging material which can substantially harm the consumer environment and human health. Manufacturers have developed a new type of sealed paper packaging products which can serve the purpose of packaging as well as meet various norms in order to contribute towards sustainability of earth. Sealed paper packaging has been able to meet the demand of packaging materials for dry products such as rice, sugar etc.  With expansion in production of FMCG and other consumable items and subsequent urge for innovated packing material for such items will make the sealed paper packaging market to grow over the forecast period.

Sealed Paper Packaging Market: Drivers & Restraints

The growth of global Sealed Paper Packaging market is driven by the demand for innovative packaging technologies from various end user industries to make their products more safe and appealing to consumers. The sealed paper packaging enables to pack dry products such as sugar, flour or grain into dust-tight, sustainable monomaterial-paper instead of polymer or plastic film. As a result due to usage of sealed paper packaging, retailers and consumers are now able to reap the benefit in form of clean shelves, high product protection and improved product quality. Huge mass of consumers did express their wish for packaging for consumable item such as sugar etc., in appropriate packaging material but without plastic and also which is easy to open. Sealed paper packaging bags are an excellent choice, plus it is beneficial regards to shelf-life, stability, printability and hygienic aspects. Fall in uses of plastic packaging materials and government bans on usage of plastic packaging is another strong factor which will help the sealed paper packaging market to grow.

Sealed paper packaging market has been gaining pace owing to shift in consumer behavior as well as awareness about the advantage associated with paper packaging. There is no such possible restraint for sealed paper packaging market but however sealed paper packaging can only be utilized in packaging of dry food products but not for liquid items.

Global Sealed Paper Packaging Market: Segmentation

The global Sealed Paper Packaging market is segmented on the basis of Sealed Paper Packaging types, applications and region

On the basis of Sealed Paper Packaging types, the global Sealed Paper Packaging market is segmented into:

  • Paper
  • Bag
  • Boxes
  • Pouches

On the basis of applications, the global Sealed Paper Packaging market is segmented into:

  • Packed Snacks
  • Groceries
  • Confectioneries
  • Cosmetics
  • Pharmaceutical

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Sealed Paper Packaging Market: Regional Outlook

Based on the geographies, global Sealed Paper Packaging market is segmented into five key regions — North America, Latin America, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, APEJ, Middle East & Africa, Japan. Among the aforementioned regions, North America accounts for significant share for Sealed Paper Packaging market, owing to the demand for innovated packaging materials for consumable goods across the country. Furthermore, North America packaging industry’s position in the global packaging market is bolstering growth for Sealed Paper Packaging in the region. Moreover the large chain of fast food industries and various other FMCG industry in country such as in U.S. & Canada in North America is acting as catalyst for the growth of sealed paper packaging market in North America. Western Europe market for sealed paper packaging is next to that of North America for similar trends, which is followed by APEJ and Middle East & Africa for sealed paper packaging market. Latin America market for sealed paper packaging market is anticipated to register a sluggish growth over the forecast period. Overall, the global sealed paper packaging market is anticipated to register a healthy growth rate by the end of forecast period.

Global Sealed Paper Packaging Market: Key Players

Some of the major players identified in the global Sealed Paper Packaging market include BillerudKorsnäs, Pack Plus Converting, Tyler Packaging Ltd and others

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