SAFETY CHECK Your Car Before Road Trip

    Everyone should know that spring is a time of family vacations and road trips. Of course, you want to become the center of your family’s attention according to your deserts. Taking your family for a road trip needs some preparations. First of all, decide if you are going to travel by your own car or rent it. Car rental in Omaha NE airport has a very big choice of cars. This is your chance to pick a really comfortable car if your own auto is not big enough to take a long distance trip. Also, rental car is your chance to try the car that you always wanted. How about to rent anything more fun to drive? Additionally, if you want to buy a new SUV, or any other car model, you can try its working by renting the vehicle for the weekend.


    How to make your trip more pleasant? The easiest way to take care of your road trip is checking your car scrupulously before you go. That would be great if you are good at mechanics. If there any problems, you can pick another car or ask to fix the problem. Cooperating with a rental agency you can inspect the car on your own or ask a mechanic to inspection the vehicle you are going to take for rent. What to inspect? Check everything you consider it necessary: tires, lights, belts, even fluid levels. Even if you prefer traveling by own car then renting a vehicle, these advices can help you to test and find out if the car is ready for a trip.


    1. Check brake pads

    How can you check the brake pads fast? Just get into the car and push the pad. Measure pad thickness and comfort to your feet. You can find the minimum specified thickness for your car brand in the internet search and compare to what you have at actual. You can take a test drive and check them in work.

    2. Check oil

    Just check the oil. It is always better to start your trip with fresh oil and clean filters. To check the oil level you have to look under the hood!

    3. Check safety belts

    It is important to check the belts. Using the seat belt is second nature for most of drivers. But it can be a problem if the device is not safe or doesn’t work properly at all. It is risky to drive unprotected. Check the buckles on the driver’s seat and even the front passenger’s seat. These are the most often used areas and the most damaged ones. Check those buckles to make sure they fasten smoothly and securely.

    4. Ask for battery test

    Buttery test is also needed. This is how you can check the buttery capacity and charging system in the car. You may ask the rental manager to check the battery.

    5. Check lights and signals

    Checking lights and signals doesn’t take much time. Make sure that all the signals are functional. How? Get in the car and turn on all the lights and signals working, including headlights, side lights, tail lights and other indicators.

    6. Check auto emergency equipment

    Make a rule to pack so-called auto emergency kit. This is a special bag filled with everything you may need on the road. The emergency kit may include a cell phone, a charger, a battery, flashlights, some water, and a blanket. Don’t forget about the road map to know the way to your hotel, most interesting attractions, and all the specific rules of the territory you are traveling through. Different American states may have different road rules. Check them before you go.

    7. Give test ride

    Don’t be afraid to ask for a test drive. It is important to understand if the car suits you or not. First of all, check the seats, shakes, and sounds around you. How do you feel? Brake pedal if it goes softly. Check the fluid levels and in-car control systems. When driving a car try to hear the outside sounds and be on alert. Don’t wait that everything is perfect in your car. Nevertheless, all the main car functions must be working well. Give your car a test and make sure it is actually all right.

    The hot season of vacations is near. Spring and summer are the best time to go to somewhere you’re your friends and family. Are you ready for the trip? If you decided to heat the destination by rental car make sure that it is ready for the trip. How? You know, even if you are not good at mechanics, you can get in the car and check the lights, signals, safety belts, and pedals in front of the car rental manager. Also, it would be great to check the car for scratches, damages. Everything must be fixed in written form.