Retort Tray Market – Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth 2030

Retort is a food preparing process where heat and pressure are used heat to cook food in a close and sealed package. These packed foods are prepared and sterilized properly without affecting the quality of the foods for conserving safety to the processed food and its containers. Retort tray is a type of food packaging solution that is done using aluminium foil and heat resistant plastic. Retort trays are used for packaging ready-to-go food and other food items-subjected to uttermost heat, causing the product to be commercially sterile. Retort tray focuses on diminishing microorganism by heating to protect the food from any kind of reactants and keep it ready for serving. Such trays are manufactured with aluminium foil (barrier layer), polyester (outside layer), polypropylene (physical food contact layer), nylon (abrasion resistance layer) and metal. The packaging method uses pressure and heat to make the food sterilized. Rising awareness for food safety among the consumers is likely to accelerate the growth of the retort tray market.

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Retort Tray Market: Dynamics


The process of retorting diminishes enzyme action, stops microbial growth, and ensures that the products are shelf stable. Retort trays help in maintaining the product- shelf life for a longer period without any refrigeration requirement. Retort trays are easy to handle and save transportation and storage cost. These trays ensure that each pouch after getting filled with products, represents similar dimension with uniform exposure to the heating medium which prevent pouch movement and super imposition during heating. The above factors are some of the key factors which are driving the retort tray market’s growth across the globe.


Retort trays Requires expensive specialized equipment. Furthermore, it requires a complex sterilization process and an added protection during shipping is needed which might restraint the growth of retort trays in the market.


Rising demand for advanced packaging solution in food industry

Food has its non-negligible offering to the growth of retort tray packaging. Retort packaging has transformed the food industry and contributed to the food supply chain management for making seasonal foods available all year. The use of retort tray in ready to eat food is expected to grow at the fastest rate over the forecast period.

Growth of e-commercial sites

E-commerce platforms are fulfilling the demand for fresh and ready-to-eat foods of the customer on time in a very efficient way. Growth in e-commercial platforms are propelling innovation activities in the food preservation market. The rising demand for healthy, fresh and ready to eat food varieties in different categories like meats, dairy and juices as an substitute for processed snacks is one of the major factors which are creating new opportunities for the growth of retort tray.

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Retort Tray Market: Covid19 Impact

The pandemic situation created by Corona virus has effected the retort trays market positively. Change in consumer behaviour towards consumption of commodities, rising awareness about food consumption has made a positive impact on the supply chain management system of the retorting process which ultimately has fuelled up the growth of the retort tray in the packaging industry.

Retort Tray Market: Regional Outlook

Asia-Pacific is expected to lead the market for global retort trays market by showing the highest growth over the forecast period due to the growth in adoption of retort trays in packed food-FMCG industry. Foreign Direct Investment in retail are attracting foreign players to establish their facilities in the region which is further creating scope for packaging. The growing demand of the retort trays has been accelerated by the growth in packaged food and beverage consumption in countries such as China and India due to the increasing per capita disposable income.

Europe is apprehended to show a rapid growth rate because of rising demand for ready-made food and pet food. The region is expected to show a good growth rate over the forecast period, owing to factors such as increased investment by the companies in the packaging of food and beverage products. MEA, North America and Latin America are also expected to show moderate growth rate due to the gaining popularity of packed food along with the advanced packaging solution in these regions.

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Retort Tray Market: Key Players

  • Packaging Technologies & Inspections LLC
  • Amcor Limited
  • Winpak Ltd
  • Flair Flexible Packaging
  • Mondi Group
  • Berry Plastics Corporation
  • Truitt Bros. Inc