Rajat Singla: An astute entrepreneur in digital marketing sharing a few marketing ideas to entrepreneurs on mother’s day

Make someone’s mother’s day special by following marketing ideas by Singla, a renowned social media marketer & a businessman.

It’s that time of the year where people get all emotional because it is “Mother’s day”. People all around the world post emotional pictures, letters, etc. on their social media to thank their moms in one way or the other to show them how much they love & respect them. However, that is also a fact that mothers must be celebrated each day, every day because a single day is not enough to show them the love they deserve in the world.

Today we will be talking about giving it back to our mothers in a unique way & for that, we have Rajat Singla, a smart & zestful digital marketer & businessman hailing from Patiala, Punjab. He started his career when he was just 15. And, today his name is synonymous with the world of social media marketing, digital marketing & the like. He initially started his business by developing a website called VIP Punjab for which he handled not just the website building but also its designing work, etc. As soon as he gained much experience, he dived into doing business in import & export & with that he founded another company named “Wall Decor”. This venture of Singla deals with PVC wall panels imported from China & sold in India at wholesale prices.

Finally, he launched his digital marketing company named “Shiraj Media” & with this, his journey started of helping clients to increase their leads in the online world, grow their followers & gain traction.

On this special day, Singla shares a few quirky marketing ideas to entrepreneurs that can make someone’s mother’s day even more remarkable.


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•​Offer them amazing deals: If you are a salon or a spa owner, do not forget to offer great deals only for moms & ‘mompreneurs’ or deals like a spa session free with you daughter/son. Singla also recommends to send these offers through email & let them know about all the deals that you wish to offer them.
•​Place dedicated sections on your e-commerce website: You can do this only for all the moms & exclusively for the special day. This way, mothers feel more attended & this triggers them to buy from that particular dedicated section from your site. Also, do not forget to tag special offers like discounts, or buy 1 get 1 free deal, suggests Singla.
•​Offer complimentary things: Singla mentions that if they buy something from your website, make sure to offer them complimentary gifts, deals etc. to show them through your company, your love & respect for mothers.

Singla, a celebrity manager & a social media influencer caters to numerous clients including models, celebs, brands, companies from Bollywood, Hollywood, TV industry & many other industries to manage their PR work, & boosts their brand image & awareness in the online market.