Portrait Photography – A new phase, newborns and maternity photoshoots

To the female’s who are soon-to-be-moms, the feeling of being with your baby, and the baby growing in you is always of nervousness and extreme excitement. The fear of the soon changing future but the happiness of having a family is all that clouds their minds.

For these ladies, a chance to have photoshoot and memories of not just the couple’s marriage which officially is the happiest day of a women’s life, but the photoshoot of being pregnant, living with your baby inside you, and having to preserve these memories forever. To look back at the pictures when these kids grow up, asking to go out with friends, getting in college and much more. This is the type of intimate photography that can later can some tears to spill but this is very special for the females.

Many Portrait photography in Baltimore Maryland is offered by the family photographers. But before we think about that, let’s talk about the general idea of maternity photography.

The idea of maternity photography is well settled in your head. So, let’s talk about basics, the when’s, how’s and why’s of the shoot.

When should the maternity shoot be taken?

The greatest time for a maternity shoot would be in the 7th or 8th month as the baby bump is quite visual and perfect for portraits. Some might think that the 9th month is the best option, but having the photoshoot later than the 8th month may make the mother uncomfortable.

Where to do the maternity shoot?

This answer in within yourself. The place where you envisioned your shoot. The place that is perfect for you. It may be your home, or the gardens, maybe a park or even the studio.

What to wear for a maternity shoot?

This is the question that has been asked again and again. while any clothing is fine, an article of clothing that can show the baby bump to the fullest is the best. Having a tight dress on, or some pants and shirt, or anything that makes you comfortable is the best. Just remember, you don’t have to be shy, no one minds your cute baby bump.

We have pretty much summed up the entirety of maternity shoot. So, let us move on to what comes after that. The newborn baby shoots.

This type of photography is very common and the wish of many parents. To freeze the time when their child is barely a month old.

The cuteness of their small smiles, their twinkling eyes and the pure souls all captured in the camera lens which will remain forever.

This type of photography is more dependent on the photographer as they are responsible for everything. The only help they can get from the parents is to maybe make the child laugh or giggle, or maybe look in a certain direction. Safety is the key in this photography.

Many family photographers such as Ana Koska Photography, offers this and much more in Baltimore, Maryland. So, plan your shoot ahead of time.