5 Challenges That Any Emerging Blogger Faces and Their Solutions

If you are also planning to step-up in the world of words i.e. blogging then it is vital that you understand what are the challenges of this field?

So here are the 5 most prominent challenges that I faced while starting my blog letterjunction.com. I will also suggest measures to overcome them.

1. Finding the Perfect Niche

A niche refers to the specific area that the blogger wants to explore through his/her blogs. Finding a suitable yet trending niche can be a difficult task, especially in beginning and might even result in giving up the blog. Hence you must select the niche prudently.


The blogger needs a self-evaluation.

It is recommended to start writing in a niche which he/she is most comfortable with. A well-known territory will be more advantageous than a yet to be explored one.

So the blogger should choose a niche which is inside his comfort zone.

2. Traffic

Nothing can encourage an emerging blogger like consistent traffic at his blog. There are minimal chances for having huge traffic on the blog especially during the initial stages. It may even lead to shutting down of blogs due to less or no traffic.


Most of the blogs literally take a long time, more than expected to pick up with the traffic.

It is not at all easy to gain a lot of reader’s attention in the preliminary stage.

The best way to get traffic is- quality content and proper utilisation of keywords. If you write something worth reading then not quickly but certainly, you will get the traffic.

3. Coming up With Fresh Content Every Time

Sometimes even the best writers will get a plagiarism strike as the internet has an abundance of content on almost every topic.

Often the bloggers face difficulties in coming up with fresh and interesting content. This makes the blog old and unfashionable and will create a negative impact on the reader.


One of the best options available for the blogger is to explore new niches and cover trending topics.

The idea of sticking into the same niche will require an adequate amount of insightful knowledge of a particular area and that should be able to attract traffic too.

Simply exploring new and comfortable niches for trending topics will help the blogger in coming up with fresh new content every time.

You can use Google trends for exploring new content ideas.

4. Maintaining the Flow in Writing

When words take the form of a blog, the style and flow of writing become the soul.

The writing style and the flow are essential as it will have a direct impact on the reader.

If the writing style is unattractive and proper linkage is missing in the content then readers skip such blogs no matter how vital the information is?

The fundamental principle of blogging is the Attractive representation of raw data.


Make use of simple blogger techniques like bucket brigades to hook the reader to the article.

Don’t make it too academic and dull.

Write in a simple way so that the reader will be able to grasp what the blogger is expressing.

Often people have a misconception that if they use hard vocabulary i.e. less frequent words, then it will make a positive impression but the reality is just opposite because no one reads blogs with a dictionary in hand.

So it would be ideal to use common words and simple sentences to increase the readability and user retention.

5. Reader Retention

If a reader who once read your post wants to revisit your blog again and again to read all your posts, it is termed as retention.

It is similar to the “follow” option that we get on different social media platforms, even blogs can be followed so that the reader will get the notification for every new post, but the bone of contention is- how to retain readers?


The blogger needs to make sure that he/she is active and regularly posting quality content in the blog.

Too many posts and too less number of posts will affect the reader retention rate. At the same time, the blogger shouldn’t sacrifice the quality of his/her writings just to increase the number of posts.

So all the best to all the emerging bloggers! Follow these suggestions to get success in this field.