Plant Based Meats Alternatives: An Easy Alternative to the Hamburgers You’ve Never Considered

Just a few short years ago, a popular new kind of burger patty earned itself quite a buzz. With many different names and brands like Impossible Foods, Beyond Meat, Healthy Way, and After the Butcher, these ground beef and vegan products are plant based, which means they are void of any animal meat used in the production process. These types of products are becoming more popular among consumers who seek out healthier choices and don’t want to consume saturated fat. In addition, this style of food is perfect for those who avoid red meat and other high-fat diets. What makes plant-based burgers so appealing is that they are both tasty and healthy at the same time.

Affect Of Plant Based Meats On Your Weight

Beyond the health benefits, there is the convenience factor. By cutting out meat, you automatically cut down on your diet, which is good for your health but can also have a serious negative impact on your waistline. In fact, studies have shown that a vegan diet can add up to thirty pounds of extra weight over the course of a year. By switching to plant-based products, you eliminate that extra weight without sacrificing taste! Not only are plant based products healthy and tasty, but they are also incredibly low in calories, helping you shed unwanted pounds while staying full during meals.

Choosing The Right Meat

The key to enjoying a vegan or vegetarian diet is making the right choices regarding which meats you choose. While there are some great white meats like chicken and turkey, these animals still contain large amounts of fat, calories, and cholesterol. Therefore, it is important to avoid red meat, at least as a source of protein, and focus instead on choosing vegan sources of proteins, including fish, tofu, and beans.

Sausage Patty Alternate Of Red Meat

A very popular alternative to beef and pork is the “sausage patty”. These vegetarian delights are made by mixing different types of whole grain breadcrumbs with ground pepper, onion powder, and various herbs, spices, and seasonings. The resulting patty can be topped with cheese, broccoli, corn, and other vegetables for an impressive meal that not only has tons of flavor, but also plenty of nutrients. Plus, when accompanied by a large bowl of tomato soup, this quick meal is a meal sure to stay on your lips for a long time!

Vegetarian And Vegan Burgers

Beyond Burger is another company that offers up a wide array of plant-based foods that people love. Beyond Burger specializes in both vegetarian burgers and non-vegetarian burgers, with most items being less than twenty calories. This means that you don’t have to sacrifice food for weight loss, and you can eat just about any veggie burger that you’d like. In addition to Beyond Burger, many other grocery stores now offer vegetarian and vegan burgers. You’ll often find Beyond Burger in the chilled and ready-to-eat section of many grocery stores, as well as at many restaurants. If you live in a city, you may even be able to find a vegetarian or vegan restaurant that offers this tasty snack.

Potato Salad

Finally, consider the world-famous “potato” salad. If you’re on a meatless meat and potatoes diet, you’ve probably heard of this delicious salad before. It’s made by combining a baked potato (often from the grocery store) with chopped non-veg vegetables (onion tops, mushrooms, etc. ), a small amount of dressing, and maybe a bit of some cranberry juice.

By choosing fast casual restaurant chains, you can get satisfying meals that are not only good for you but taste better than the traditional beef burgers that you’ve probably had before. To get the most out of your meatless burgers and fries, be sure to pick them up while they’re still fresh. Since the nutritional facts panel is usually right there on the packaging, you can also find out what the fillings and calorie counts are.


In Plant Based Meat you can find almost any flavor you could imagine, and if it says “no fat” on the label, then you know that the meat is low fat. Even Beyond Burger is low fat, but you may want to check the calorie content, since there is some kind of filler that is not good for you. No matter which plant-based burger alternative you choose, remember that you will feel full, have more energy, and have an easier time avoiding health problems than you would by eating traditional hamburger.