Pianist, Composer & Acclaimed Recording Artist Keyvan Hardani Turns Attention to Tchaikovsky

Keyvan Hardani pays tribute to iconic artist and composer Tchaikovsky, with his brand new project, The Seasons, Op.37a.

May 29, 2024

Nearly every classically-influenced pianist can reflect on at least one composer, and often more than one, who holds a special meaning for them and place in their heart. For Honor’s Graduate of Vienna Conservatory, and skilled pianist and music composer, Keyvan Hardani his affection for Tchaikovsky’s work is quite clear. In exciting news for fans of both composers, and classical listeners in general, Hardani recently announced the release of his latest project “The Seasons, Op.37a.”, a reflection and interpretation of some of Tchaikovsky’s great work. The excitement surrounding the new project is high and rising.

“My focus has been on scores and soundtracks so this is something that was quite exciting to explore,” commented Hardani, clearly passionate about this opportunity. “I think my own neo-classical style finds a unique expression here that many listeners will find as compelling to listen to as I did to create. I am looking forward to see the response and to working on similar projects in the future.”

Hardani is increasingly well known for his live performances across Europe and the Middle East which have won praise for being “spellbinding”, incorporating orchestral engagements that have included concertos of Tchaikovsky, Beethoven, Bach, and Rachmaninoff, all with his unique elements and charisma helping these engagements shine.

Fans are looking forward to “The Seasons, Op.37a.” with high-anticipation.

Michael S., from Germany, recently said, “Keyvan Hardani is so impressive performing live. To see he will be doing a tribute to Tchaikovsky is something to really be happy about. A dream come true! I will be ordering a copy as soon as it is available.”

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About Keyvan Hardani

Keyvan Hardani is a recording artist, pianist and composer with a passion for classical music and more. Keyvan is an honors graduate of vienna conservatory. As a skilled pianist and music composer, Keyvan focused on creating beautiful scores and soundtracks, going for a neoclassical sound that might remind you of artists as diverse as Alexandre DeSplat, a swell as Philip Glass and Ludovico Einaudi, only to mention but a few.