5 Ways to Improve your Social Media Conversations: The Art of Small Talk

Social Media

As social media is improving and growing in popularity, businesses in 2022 are creating their pages on various social media platforms in order to gain traction from the customers. The best thing digital marketers can do on social media is to use its power to enhance their engagement with potential customers. When people first connect with your social pages or groups, they don’t discuss politics or relationships, they will make small talks related to your products and services that can build into a more meaningful conversation to boost your brands.

But how can you accomplish that goal? Even though it seems like a pretty simple task to speak to your customers online using social media, it can be daunting get meaningful results from social media. Even some expert social media managers cannot find the right words to communicate with their customers because they simply do not plan their social medial small talk. Talking to your target audience on a Facebook or Twitter page is just similar to talking to people live; don’t think they are behind screen, they are actually closer to you than you think.

Effective Ways to Start Conversation on Social Media

  1. Start Discussions on Latest Industry-related News

Since all the marketers focus on social media marketing and digital marketing strategies to boost more awareness related to brands and aim to get more leads, the first thing to make sure for you is to start the conversation right on social media with the target audience. A good strategy is to like the some industry blogs and TV channels your customers are interested in watching. While going through your news feed, you can edit or repost your blogs or content that is relevant to the target audience. Justas the audience for their valuable feedback in the shape of comments so you can know what exactly they are thinking about you.

  1. Ask a Question from the Audience

If you browse some images on the social media, you will find people asking their customers many types of stupid questions. For example, if you are a shoe company, then you can go ahead and ask the customers any type of question, not just a shoe-related question or industry issue. The ideation behind it is creating a fun-filled environment for users and help them getting more engaged with your products and services. By adding a simple image with a stupid question, you can add a post that will generate many clicks and shares. Later on, people can give many comments just for fun all that is good for your business and social media page.

Here are some nice examples of how you can start a conversation on the social media using the above trick we discussed.

  • What are the favorite blogs you read about the shoe industry?
  • Which shoe brand you loved since childhood and still cannot live without?
  • What is the worst shoe brand in your eyes?
  • What is the best article you have read related to shoe industry this week?
  • What do you think is the biggest challenge while selecting a shoe brand?
  1. Start a Debate with the Audience

People often love to share their feedback in the form of comments and share their views on social media. A great method to spark a conversation on Facebook is to start a debate. Consider choosing a news story or a recent event; discuss a specific subject in the form of an article or blog post to help and engage the customers.

  1. Thank your Customers and New Followers

Another great way to improve your customer social media engagement is to thank them for their likes and followings. Especially on Twitter, whenever you get a new follower, you go ahead and write a thank you note with their name mentioned. This simple tactic will allow them to be happy about your fan and connect to your personally and emotionally. This step will therefore help to improve the engagement but it will humanize your brand to help people get connected to you.

You can also thank people for tweeting on Twitter, or sharing a post on Facebook. The game is to show some gratitude to people for their engagement and also ask them to be a part of an ongoing conversation. Send smiles, use language and imagery effectively to show compassion and gratitude to your customers. After all, they are the ones who provide your business the resources to grow and prosper.

  • Proofread your social media copy and find out if there is a wrong message being delivered to the customers. Customers can misinterpret anything easily.
  • While writing social media posts, use smiles and use the right language. The research reveals that writers who use a positive smile and good posture during writing are better able to inspire customers.
  • Another great technique is to repeat the last few words a person speaks. You can demonstrate active listening by doing so.
  1. Monitor your Brand Engagement

Monitoring your brand engagement means that you must know who is talking about your brand and what they are talking about your service quality. A great tool is Hubspot that offers a social inbox that helps marketers to manage what people are saying about them. If you already know what people are talking about you, you can actually respond back to them in an effective manner and boost your engagement even more. For example, if your customer is unhappy about your shoe brand, they will likely talk about it on your social media page and other brands’ pages. In modern days, you need to respond to them effectively that is an integral part of your customer service.

Therefore, social media and SEO services platforms can significantly help you to monitor what people are saying about your brand or service. You can easily hide or remove some of the negative comments and manage social media accounts accordingly.

  1. Identify Interests you want to Discuss with People

Social media marketing provides a lot of opportunities to marketers when it comes to small talk and conversations. Likes and Follows show that what is the value of your brand and what are the expectations of customers about your company. There are many social CRM software available on the Internet that allow you to research such topics to boost your small talk on social media as compared to real face-to-face interaction. The expert marketers Austin Malloy states that there are many reasons to be prepared to really chat with your social media audiences because people are getting more smarter. Therefore, in order to chat properly with people on the social media, you need to identify their interests and exactly what you want to talk about.

  1. Search for Repetitive Audience

A repetitive person may be a familiar face or someone who you know by reputation. However, in the context of social media, identifying the repetitive individuals is not as simple as in real life. The largest social networks provide myriad options to search for the repetitive audience to boost engagements. On social media, the key aspect is the opportunity to find the relevant audience. Therefore, effective planning is the heart and soul of social media to boost engagements with repetitive audience.