Best WordPress Hosting in 2024 – Top 5 WordPress Hosting Services Reviewed and Compared

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If you are looking for the best WordPress hosting solutions, here is a situation where I bet you have already … You find a random best email hosting service. They don’t necessarily specialize in WordPress hosting, but they do. They are more like all businesses: they offer the freedom to run any application you want, including WordPress. On top of that, they even install a conveniently automatic WordPress installer.

Sound familiar?

I came across all kinds of cheap email hosting and that, I must say, at the top of the list. Many web hosts are claiming that they can take advantage of and run WordPress on their servers.

Okay, I admit that some of them may not be kidding. They can set up and run WordPress sites on their servers. Fair. But, let’s face it – running WordPress is one thing, and specializing in WordPress is another thing.

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Today, almost uk colocation hosting providers offer services compatible with WordPress. And it makes sense when you think about it because WordPress has over 60% of the CMS market share. Who can afford to leave this out of their server applications?

But, the fact is that a one-size hosting platform is far from what you need.

Why you specifically need WordPress Hosting

Generic hosting is cute and all. But let’s leave that to other CMS forms. If you are thinking of creating an online store on WordPress, you have no option but to look for a hosting service specializing in WordPress sites.

WordPress may seem like the simplest and lightest CMS, but it’s just the front end of the app. If you delve deep into its architecture and examine how it works, you’ll find that WordPress is anything but light.

At its full capacity, WordPress consumes a lot of resources. To unlock the full potential of your website, you need the kind of resources that you can only find on specialized WordPress hosting platforms.

Now, the hardest part is choosing the best personal email hosting provider of all. Just good WordPress hosting won’t do. Instead, get the type of hosting solution that will take your WordPress e-commerce business to the next level.

By now, you’ve probably tried to experiment with existing options. And you saw how impressive it can get when you try to identify the best hosting of all the free WordPress hosting, shared WordPress hosting, dedicated hosting, reseller hosting, WordPress VPS hosting and managed WordPress hosting solutions on the internet.

What makes it even worse is that most companies continue to pay reviewers to present them. So getting honest reviews about hosting on WordPress is a painfully difficult task.

Well, here’s one that isn’t sponsored at all…

Many of us here at have been using Word Press for over a decade. We saw the growth of the basic versions of 2.0 for the holistically complex platform it is today. And sure enough, trying different Word Press hosting services has always been a critical part of our journey.

So, here is the best guide for the best Word Press hosting providers today. We take into account its overall architecture, performance, scalability, ease of use, customer support, security, knowledge and price. We even checked your service records for several years. In essence, all the critical factors to be considered when choosing a mail365 service.

I will walk you through each Word Press host to explain exactly why we think they deserve recognition.

The best choices for WordPress hosting

However, if you’re in a hurry, here’s the collective list and our two best WordPress hosting options:

Is there no time to read? Here is our no.1 choice when it comes to the absolute best WordPress hosting on the market:

Here is a Word Press hosting provider that developed its services considerably a decade and a half ago, consequently receiving a recommendation from

Needless to say, if itself recognizes you as one of the best Word Press hosting solutions, you should be doing some things better than anyone else.

The well-optimized performance of Word Press is undeniably one of them and the best thing about Site Ground. We verified and confirmed that it maintains a 99.99% uptime, accompanied by super-fast response speeds from the server. The registered TTFBs were 214 ms and 179 ms, which translate into extremely responsive servers.

And while you take advantage of the supersonic loading speeds that go with it, your site is serviced by Word Press experts from Site Ground. They handle all updates, patches, security and also keep it in LXC containers to benefit from the server’s dedicated resources.

For all this level of efficiency, Word Press managed to host on Site Ground starts for $ 3.95 per month.

Dream Host presents all types of WordPress hosting services you can imagine, with fair prices for all its solutions. In addition to shared WordPress hosting, Dream Host offers managed WordPress hosting, managed Woo-Commerce hosting and WordPress VPS hosting.

Each of these services comes with multiple pricing plans, accompanied by multiple billing options to suit different hosting budgets. That said, the most economical option is Dream Host’s 3-Year plan, which ends up saving up to 47%.

For basic sites looking to buy Shared WordPress Hosting, for example, the 3-year billing option offers some of the best WordPress hosting features for as low as $ 2.59 per month.

And if you have questions about your 3-year commitment, here’s the Dream Host question – your packages qualify you for a 97-day money-back guarantee. Essentially, more than three months testing the DreamHost WordPress hosting without risk.

But again, it won’t be necessary, as you can get all the assurance you need on It turns out that Dream Host is recommended by the CMS platform itself as one of the best WordPress hosting services today.

That said, I strongly recommend that you continue reading. There is much more to discover than just these two. You never know, the perfect WordPress hosting option for you may be a service that you haven’t even considered yet.

Now, without further ado, here is the list of the best current Word Press hosting providers for e-commerce sites.

So far, I can almost bet that you’ve noticed that Site Ground always stands out in all unbiased reviews from the leading website hosting providers. It is extraordinarily good that itself officially recommends Site Ground as one of the best Word Press hosting services available.

For a company with this level of recognition, you would probably expect them to price their hosting on WordPress more than most other players in the industry. But surprisingly, it doesn’t. SiteGround offers the best value for money when it comes to hosting on Word Press.

Much of this comes from the experience that Site Ground had in this space. It was founded in 2004 and, since then, it has been busy improving its services, as the demands of accommodation change progressively.

Take the recent introduction of a bot protection system, for example. After evaluating the type of security threats that WordPress users currently face, Site Ground saw the need to further strengthen its already secure systems. Then, in 2017, Site Ground complemented the hosting with a bot protection system based on the platform’s artificial intelligence algorithm.

Well, although the majority of its users run Word Press sites, Word Press hosting is not the only thing Site Ground is great at. It is a multifaceted provider that offers shared web hosting, Word Press managed hosting, WooCommerce managed hosting, cloud hosting, reseller and dedicated hosting in different packages.

Word Press managed hosting looks well, I admit. However, Woo Commerce managed to host is the sweet spot for online marketers. It offers the right features for a well-optimized Word Press e-commerce store. More specifically, Site Ground’s Grow Big Planning is where you want to get the best balance of resources and hosting prices.

Personally, with GrowBig, I was able to guarantee a free site migration. After requesting cPanel, Site Ground assigned my site to its team of Word Press developers, and they transferred the whole thing without any downtime.

Well, if you don’t already have a website, you can still use Site Ground to set up a fully functional e-commerce store. Your Word Press hosting packages come with Word Press already installed. So, open your hosting account and go straight to the design and customization of the web.

When you’re ready, you’ll be satisfied Site Ground offers provisions like free PCI compliance, premium wildcard SSL certificates, Word Press staging, as well as advanced caching.

And those are just the basics. Site Ground is recognized as one of the best Word Press hosting providers because it goes much deeper than that.

Consider your Linux containers, for example. They isolate your Word Press site from other sites on the same server. This means that you get your dedicated resources and you don’t have to worry about other sites that compromise your store’s overall performance.

Speaking of which, server resources are likely to be the last thing on your mind while using Site Ground’s managed Word Press hosting. In essence, you will have Word Press experts handling this. They take care of the tech stuff, including monitoring and security patches, while in the meantime, you’re busy running your business.

Don’t get me wrong though. Site Ground does not take away your site management privileges. You even get an easy-to-use panel-based control panel for account management. And since it is enabled for WP-CLI, you can complete your tasks much more quickly through the command prompt.

If you are working with encoders, you will appreciate the convenience of activating Get by Site Ground. It offers the freedom to sample multiple encoders on a wide range of Get platforms.

Well, that’s the point where one-click preparation comes in handy. Site Ground, in summary, allows you to update the entire site in just one click. Can it get any better than that?

It can. The only thing that is finally used to determine if a provider deserves the best WordPress hosting crown is performance. And based on the countless tests we’ve done so far, SiteGround continues to impress with its uptime and server response numbers.

Uptime and hosting speed for SiteGround WordPress

Providing an uptime guarantee is almost a cliché now. Almost everything WordPress hosting providers is giving guarantees to convince you to commit in the long run. Unfortunately, only a few of them manage to live to the end of the bargain. And that includes Siteground.

Well, the uptime guarantee here is 99.99%. That means almost zero downtime per year. And if one does occur, it probably ends up being a brief moment of reduced server response.

Now, to maintain this status quo, SiteGround has several technologies. The most prominent, as already established, is the Linux containers. They allocate enough resources to keep WordPress sites running efficiently at all times.

And in the event of a failure in the internal system, you can bet that SiteGround’s server monitoring structure will get it in time. Otherwise, if the problem originates from one of the sites on your servers, you can bet on the secure isolation of the SiteGround account to protect your site.

That said, we’ve monitored different SiteGround sites for years now using UptimeRobot. And notably, none of them recorded an activity time below 99.99%. A large number of websites have even kept their 100% uptime to date.

So far, so good. But a perfect uptime record still doesn’t take SiteGround out of the forest. There is still time to load the page to worry about.

Now, when it comes to this, one of the first things you’ll notice when setting up your WordPress site is the SiteGround data center options. Unlike most WordPress hosting companies, SiteGround allows you to choose where you want to store your website files. You can choose the data center in Singapore, Amsterdam, London, Chicago or Iowa.

WordPress hosting servers in the foreground

The trick, of course, is to select the one closest to your main traffic area. If you are targeting buyers from Asia, for example, the Singapore data center will provide a strategic server position. Consequently, the data ends up traveling a short, convenient distance.

Overall, these 5 data center options offer the privilege of having your WordPress website or blog in the US, Europe or Asia. Very neat, I must admit. But, SiteGround does not leave it at that.

Indeed, server 5 locations cannot sufficiently serve site visitors worldwide. Thus, SiteGround takes a holistic approach to supplement its servers with a content delivery network.

And you know what? The content delivery network here is none other than Cloudflare (read our Cloudflare CDN Review). If you know CDNs, you know that Cloudflare is considered one of the best content delivery networks on the web.

With this feature on your side, your WordPress e-commerce site will be able to leverage more than 180 server locations simultaneously. This translates into a global website reach with fast page loading speeds on all continents. In other words, therefore, you can trust Cloudflare to always deliver content from your closest server.

SiteGround, on the other hand, does its part to close all possible gaps that could compromise your WordPress performance. And as the process begins with data storage and retrieval, SiteGround chooses to use the SSD on its servers. Solid-state drives have been proven to be 30stars than standard hard drives.

Another notable WordPress hosting technology you can capitalize on is SiteGround SuperCacher. It simply facilitates the temporary storage of website data in RAM, so that the server does not always have to search its SSDs to retrieve the material. Instead, data is transmitted directly from RAM.

So guess what? It turns out that, in addition to ranking as one of the best WordPress hosting platforms, Siteground is also proud to be among the top hosts with HTTP / 2 support. HTTP / 2 is currently the latest network protocol and loads much faster than the standard HTTP.

Now, combine that with SiteGround’s PHP 7, and you’ll have a lot of WordPress performance features. To keep it that way for the long term, SiteGround’s WordPress developers keep their site and corresponding plugins up to date at all times.

That said, the relative performance of your WordPress hosting service always comes down to server response times. So, here are some of the latest TTFB (Time for First Byte) figures from various SiteGround sites, as measured by the ByteCheck tool.

In the end, we recorded two impressively short response times of 214 ms and 179 ms. So we can agree that SiteGround is not just fast, it’s incredibly fast.

And that sums it up very well. That SiteGround has earned this recognition as one of the best WordPress hosting solutions. I don’t know what you think in general, but I would rate the rest.