Best WordPress Hosting # 2: Dream Host

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Dream Host is another renowned veteran in the industry. And not just on WordPress But also when it comes to shared hosting, VPS hosting, mail365 and best dedicated server hosting uk, and cloud hosting

That’s a piece of a wallet when you think about it. And take this. Dream Host has been providing hosting services since 1997. This translates into more than two best colocation hosting experiences.

Speaking of which, the only area that Dream Host is particularly specialized in is hosting WordPress. He enjoys an excellent relationship with WordPress, which has facilitated more than a quarter of installations with just one click so far.

This is not the most impressive part. It turns out that we are not the only ones who recognize Dream Host as one of the best WordPress hosting providers. itself recommends, together with SiteGround and Blue host, as the best WordPress hosting options for all types of sites.

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Dream host homepage

By 2024, Dream Host had managed to build a customer base with more than 400,000. You can bet that the Word Press recommendation has raised its customer base to around 1 million.

And they range from entrepreneurs and companies to content creators, web developers, web designers, etc. That’s why Dream Host comes in a variety of packages. The main point is to serve its wide variety of websites.

If yours is a small site, you can be content with Dream Host’s Word Press Shared Hosting. The cheapest plan starts at just $ 2.59 and comes pre-installed with WordPress, in addition to a WordPress site builder. Plus, you get unlimited bandwidth and disk space, plus a free SSL certificate.

It’s not bad at all. However, the best personal email hosting packages on DreamHost will get you deeper into your pocket. But on the bright side, everything is worth it, since the material you receive in return is one of the best WordPress hosting resources you can find at these rates.

Take managed WordPress hosting for example. While there is also an option for Word Press VPS hosting, I consider managed WordPress to be the fairest package offered by DreamHost.

Your website, for beginners, is handled by genuine WordPress experts. This means that they manage things like security, major WordPress updates, as well as plugin updates.

Pretty standard I think. But it gets better. You see, DreamHost grants each managed WordPress hosting user two private virtual servers for increased reliability, scalability and performance. One of the servers handles MySQL databases, while the other facilitates the frontend of your website.

Then, when traffic starts to flow, you’ll be satisfied DreamHost generously allocates unmeasured bandwidth. In short, you will not pay any excess fees in case of heavy traffic. Unfortunately, like SiteGround, the number of monthly visits is limited.

Despite this, managed WordPress users still enjoy automatic memory scaling privileges, isolated server features and multiple layers of caching, among other smart features. Combined, these

Provisions accelerate the performance of DreamHost DreamPress packages by about five times over standard WordPress shared hosting plans.

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Now, you can see that uk colocation offers an additional WooCommerce hosting package. But make no mistake. It is still a managed WordPress hosting option with DreamPress plans.

The only difference is the extras that come to optimize your experience with WooCommerce. They include support for WooCommerce, as well as pre-installed versions of WooCommerce and a WordPress store theme.

So, of course, you can opt for WooCommerce hosting managed by DreamHost, if you are running an ecommerce business.

But take this. The control panel here is not built on the traditional cPanel. Instead, DreamHost took the time to create its custom dashboard from scratch.

Of course, it may not have all the features you get in cPanel, but it certainly provides a smooth experience. And since it is specifically adapted for hosting solutions from DreamHost, you should find a couple of pre-installed apps, including WordPress, in addition to their tracking plugins.

That said, another unique provision on DreamHost is your money-back guarantee. While money-back guarantees are now standard on many hosting services, none of them can match DreamHost. Not even the best WordPress hosting solutions presented.

Believe it or not, the warranty here extends well beyond the normal money-back guarantee 30 that we saw at other hosting providers. DreamHost offers you a 97-day money-back guarantee. That means almost three months of leveraging one of the best risk-free WordPress hosting solutions.

And if you experience problems along the way, you can contact the DreamHost support team at any time, day or night. They are available 24/7 and you can contact them via live chat, sending emails, Twitter and telephone.

Unfortunately, phone support is a little tricky because you can’t call them directly. Instead, you request a callback and they will contact you.

But on second thought, you may not need that level of support. DreamHost is considered to be one of the best WordPress hosting providers due to many good reasons, including reliability and ease of use.

DreamHost WordPress hosting uptime and speed

Most of the uptime guarantees we’ve had so far are averaging between 99% and 99.99%. With that in mind, you would expect a reputable hosting service like Dream Host to maintain a consistent availability rate of at least 99.98%.

It would be a solid figure, I admit. But, perhaps unsurprisingly, Dream Host raises a level, guaranteeing uptime of no less than 100%. In other words, Dream Host tries to ensure that your website will never experience downtime. Not once.

And in the unlikely event that you try one, Dream Host is willing to reimburse you accordingly. You will receive your free WordPress hosting for a limited period, depending on the corresponding number of hours of inactivity.