Key Benefits of Office 365 for Business

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Among all the existing office applications, there is no doubt that the Office suite is the main one. The well-known package of office applications is sold together with the company’s operating system and according to figures released by the company, in 2024 more than 500 million computers had Windows 10 installed, which consequently means more than 500 million installations of Office package in its different versions. In the same study, it was reported that more than 100 million users worldwide use Office 365 for the business package on their computers, a number that is constantly growing.

In the UK, Office 365 for Business was launched in November 2024 and since then it has contributed to changing the relationship between traditional users and the application. In this text we will talk about the main advantages of Office 365 for companies and how they can further improve your company’s workflow.

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Understanding what is Office 365

One of the main advantages of Office 365 for companies appears already in its design, it was created and designed to facilitate the daily lives of small and medium-sized companies, which seek to increase both their organization, as well as the security, productivity, and mobility of their businesses.

This modality of the Office package does not only have the already known Word Excel and PowerPoint, but it also includes resources developed exclusively to facilitate communication between teams and facilitate the management of tasks and projects essential for the organization of a company such as Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, Teams, among others.

Office 365 for business is a service that provides access to all applications through a monthly subscription, the biggest difference for the traditional package is the fact that it is “present” in the cloud, that is, Office 365 does not occupy physical space, the user can start, monitor and finish jobs anywhere, not just on his personal computer. 

Top 5 Benefits of Office 365 for Business

Microsoft has a vast list of different types of Office 365 for signing the main ones are Business, Business Premium, Business Essentials, mail365 hosting, and Home University, each designed for different needs of users. But, what are the main advantages of Office 365 for business? See below:

  1. The Cloud and Immobile Technology – and mobile technology for various purposes, mainly to improve teamwork and productivity, reduce costs, create and enable different styles of work more directly and effectively. With Office 365, employees can use a wide range of device combinations, making it possible to edit jobs in real-time on both desktop and mobile devices. Also, Microsoft cloud storage provides up to 1 TB of space on OneDrive and from

10/02/2020 it is possible to link up to 6 devices per subscription and each has the same number of available space, that is, 6 TB in total.

  1. Mobility – Thanks to Office 365, your office can be anywhere you want. Imagine starting to create a presentation on your desktop and ending it on your phone on your way to the meeting, this is possible thanks to the mobility of cloud applications. Research estimates that by 2024 the number of cell phones in the world will be approximately 20.2 billion, an absolute indication of the importance of effective and competent applications for remote work.
  2. Included Technical Support – For any type of problem with subscription, billing or technical problems with applications, Microsoft provides specialized technical support for this type of situation, only for subscribers.
  3. Teamwork – According to data released by Microsoft, 80% of companies that use collaboration tools like Teams, affirm that this type of application is extremely important to help achieve goals, as it becomes a tool that centralizes and shares project information with multimedia resources, using photos, videos, and even handwritten notes to assist in the organization.
  4. Constant Updates – Depending on the type of subscription chosen, the amount paid monthly for the Office 365 subscription can exceed the value of a single purchase in approximately 4 years. However, updates to applications are constant and the offline product acquisition does not keep up with these advances, on the other hand Office 365 always remains up to date, that is, even over the years online application brings greater advantages for companies.

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5 Technological Tools That Can Help Increase Your Office’s Productivity

Technology has made many people’s daily lives easier, productive and more efficient, it is present in the daily lives of practically the entire population of the planet. This is not only limited to the personal lives of individuals but also has great use in the corporate environment and the work routine, aiming at increasing productivity.

The use of technology is of fundamental importance in the organizational environment as it helps in organizing, automating processes, offering mobility and ease in being able to access various files such as documents, e-mails and even being able to consult and manipulate the work schedule, at anytime and anywhere.

In a market where consumers are increasingly looking for quick solutions to deliver a certain service or product, companies must use tools that congratulate the work and make the routine more productive, to speed up the processes to deliver that product or service. Quickly and with the expected quality.

In this article we will show you five tools that can help your office to gain more productivity from technology. Keep reading:

Microsoft Teams

Many companies use Microsoft Teams as a replacement tool for Skype, but this application was developed to go much further. Teams is an application with chat functions that allows integration between company teams, offers resources for sectors to work in partnership, aiming at integrating

Both the internal public, who are the employees and the external public who can without the suppliers or even customers.

In summary, this tool was developed to facilitate integration and connection between areas of the company, in addition to being able to chat in real-time, the platform allows the user to create meeting groups and offers resources for teams to work collaboratively.

The cheap email hosting offered by Microsoft Teams also allows people who are in the same project to share tasks and communicate within the same project.

The tool is integrated with Word, Excel, OneNote and other internal programs so that the user can work on these documents without leaving the application. Microsoft Teams is a service linked to Office 365.

Infinite Backup

Cloud backup is a service that makes secure copies of your data and files, these copies are stored and encrypted on a remote server, totally secure. Your data will be saved in the cloud in real-time and will be protected against cyber-attacks or data hijacking.

One of the biggest advantages of infinite backup is the fact that best email hosting is available quickly in case of system failures, problems with HD, file deletion or even in situations of natural disasters and theft.

Also, with infinite backup your company server colocation can create a backup routine, whether daily or weekly. So you will have a report of all the changes that have been made to a given file.


SharePoint is a collaborative platform that was also developed for personal email hosting, this tool allows the creation of portals, intranets for business communication, content management, and document management.

Most companies are adopting this tool due to the ability to manage internal documents and for presenting solutions that help automate processes within the company, in an accounting office, for example, it is possible to create rules within SharePoint so that documents are approved automatically or a user can make the approval and all other collaborators involved in the project can have access to this information and continue the company’s routines.

It is very functional as it makes the storage of information secure, allows the organization of projects, the sharing and provides easy access to information. In addition to offering the availability of being able to be accessed by any device with internet access.


Trello is a platform for managing tasks and collaborative projects, all the information that is inserted in it is presented to the user simply and intuitively, helping employees to develop projects of the most diverse types, making the company’s daily routine and easier for employees.

It features a graphical interface with cards, stripes and frames. It is a platform formed by several cards and each one of these cards can be fed with different information and destined for different projects. In one project you may have cards talking about organizing a birthday party for the month, while in another project employees may be creating actions to increase sales.

Microsoft Planner

Microsoft Planner is a tool for planning work projects. The goal is very similar to Trello, to facilitate collaborative work.

The tool allows the user to create various project plans, division of tasks, sharing files and information. Also, all of these actions can be notified by email. Microsoft Planner can also be used to manage events and is available to Office 365 subscribers, with full integration with Microsoft solutions, such as outlook, word, excel, among others.

It has a simplified and flexible interface, besides helping the organization, the tool offers productivity in the work routine.