Sometimes we see someone who need help, but we hesitate to reach him and offer our help. Sometimes we really want to help but we don’t know how. Today we will tell the unique story of Asaf Elblink who found an effective and creative way to give, donate and support his childhood community.

Giving back to his childhood town

Asaf Elblink was born in Ramat Hasharon that although has a prestigious and high standard of living image, is not a town for the rich only. As a child of a family in financial distress, he witnessed children’s and families in the same situation, struggling to survive and work hard in order to live and earn a living with respect. Asaf Elblink understood already at his young age that despite the huge gap between wealth and poverty that characterizes Israel, not everything is black and white. When he grew up and became a successful real-estate businessman, doing so only by himself, he decided that he wants to give back.

It started by paying people’s debts in the local grocery store. Asaf who has successful social skills noticed not once people that got distressed regarding buying products for their homes, were not able to pay their debts in the grocery store or were not able to pay the total amount in the cash register. He would pay from his own pocket and say goodbye to the excited and tearful people. Soon he became a well-known icon for the city residents who were in economic distress. Hard living people in a financial distress but trying to manage normative life without reflecting their true economic situation.

The unique activity of “Hasdei Tikva” association with Asaf Elblink

When Asaf realized that he is succeeding to help and donate using true listening to the hidden difficulties, he decided to expand his donation and help activities. Passing away of his good friend’s mother Tikva Korechky, based his decision. When they talked, his friend wanted to memorize his mother’s name by helping and giving charity to the weakened populations. Asaf volunteered in favor of the idea and established “Hasdei Tikva” association which provides constant help to the needed populations of Ramat-Hasharon who are trying to survive above the poverty line. This unique association is operating a wide weekly-based system that include food distribution, various product such as clothes and diapers, providing food to needed kindergartens children, special activities for single-parented children, distributing learning equipment such as notebooks, study books and stationery, recruiting private teachers voluntarily and even funding scholarships and organizing fun days in the largest adventure parks of Israel.

Asaf Elblink does not hesitate to help the city residents in other manners. He is reachingelderly people homes that requires cleaning or renovation and buy new electric products and furniture if needed. To operate this large, diverse andcontinuous operation he recruited not less than hundred volunteers that operates regularly  in the distribution lines in order to help children, families and elderly people. This activity which started with collaboration  with Jacob Koretzky , former manager of the association and currently deputy of Ramat Hasharon mayor, continues together with the current association manager ItzikMintz. The association is expanding its activities on a regular basis, recruiting more and more volunteers in order to reach a wider circle of needed people in Ramat Hasharon.

Asaf Elblink generated equality throughout the city children

According to many researches, children staying on regular frames of activity tend less to violence and succeed more in theirdevelopement on the personal, educational and social sides. On 2019, Ramat Hasharon kept its title as one of the cities with the highest graduation percentage (94.6%). One of the reasons may be the balance created due to Asaf Elblik’s activities and the educational frameworks that he provides after school hours. In this context it is worth noting  that Asaf Elblink operates as the main core in the activities of Habad house and “HabaitHacham” association in Ramat Hasharon, managed by rabbi Yehuda Butman.”HabaitHacham” association is also providing enrichment and leisure courses to the city children. This association is working in collaboration with Asaf Elblink that donates and arrange donations for it.

There is no doubt that the help and charity by Asaf Elblink contributes to the improvement of life quality and welfare for a lot of Ramat Hasharon residences and also allows Ramat Hasharon to reach high achievements. But Asaf himself remains humble and prefer praising the volunteers and those who manage the association.  We only hope that more cities in Israel will be blessed with people of caring and giving that see the distress of others and work for them in all means available.