Understand more about Managed WordPress Hosting

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Managed hosting is great for blogs / established companies that can justify spending on their earnings. It is for people who don’t have the knowledge or time to deal with the technical parts of things.

Features of a WordPress Hosting

The best email hosting WordPress has characteristics of hardware and software differentiated from normal sites. All this to optimize WordPress in the colocation hosting server environment.

Unlike the most popular hosting, such as shared hosting, WordPress hosting has specific features for WordPress.

Let’s take a look at these special features you may need in your WordPress project.

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Specific Features for WordPress

WordPress requires certain characteristics of cheap email hosting servers that make a big difference to your website.

Recommended WordPress Configuration

  • PHP 
  • Version 7.3 or higher.
  • MySQL 
  • Version 5.6 or higher OR MariaDB 
  • Version 10.1 or higher.
  • HTTPS SSL certificate
  • Minimum WordPress Configuration
  • PHP 5.6.20+
  • MySQL 5.0+ or ​​higher

HTTPS SSL certificate

If you already have a website hosted at a company that has best dedicated server hosting uk using these minimal resources and are considering migrating, make sure you at least make the PHP version the same as the one you are using on your hosting server today. You can then try to change this setting.

HTTP / 2 support

Http2 for WordPress Hosting

The HTTP protocol is a mechanism used by internet browsers to request information from the web server and display pages on the screen of the device in use.

You can also understand it as “a set of rules that define how the information will be transferred from one computer to another”. Although every protocol is a little different, they are composed of a header (header), “load” (payload) and footer (footer).

The second version of the HTTP protocol is already a reality and its advantages are incredible with the benefits it adds when implemented.

The paradigm shift in communication and data transfer between the client and the server will be powerful and will allow a single connection per source, Server Push, Prioritization of requests, Parallelization of requests with multiplexing, automatic compression with HPACK and GZIP and greater security and encryption of data.

Most importantly, your site can transmit a greater amount of data at an absurdly 

  1. faster speed
  2. Daily Backups

WordPress Backup Journals

This feature is extremely important for WordPress sites. As WordPress is a Content Management System, it is clear that those who use it have the ability to make changes very easily.

So you must have backups of your website to avoid any future problems.

In case you add some code that broke your site, Hacker Invasion, among other conditions that may require you to “Go back in Time” to correct and solve the problem.

CDN WordPress Hosting

Content Delivery Network or Content Delivery Network. The most common among personal email hostingis CloudFlare, as it is completely free and in its basic version offers state-of-the-art protection and security, delivery of your content worldwide with dedicated servers.

For WordPress there is a wide variety of cache and optimization plugins with native support for Cloudflare. That way, you guarantee that your website will have the best connection and speed for your visitors regardless of where they are.

LiteSpeed ​​Cache

LiteSpeed ​​Cache WordPress Hosting

Dedicated WordPress hosting should have its cache.

At Hostinger they use Litespeed, a technology that has been recommended by professionals and requested by several customers in their accommodation.

Here at the WP Channel we use this cache to decrease PHP and server-side requests.

It is extremely powerful and you really should look for a company that has this technology for your website.

Cutting-edge Security

Security WordPress Hosting

Since WordPress is the most popular CMS in the world, all of its vulnerabilities are also “popular “. So it is important to use a Hosting server that has cutting edge security dedicated to WordPress.

Keeping WordPress, themes, and plugins up to date are the least you should do to ensure the security of your website.

But the rest is up to your hosting company to protect you from possible hacker attacks and invasions. Automatic Updates

WordPress Hosting Updates

WordPress performs security updates automatically. However, version updates, those that bring improvements and new features, are usually left to the user.

The same goes for plugins and themes, which eventually receive updates.

The Hosting WordPress companies must offer the update feature version of Top WordPress, or at least give you the option to turn this feature if you want.

Specialized WordPress Support

This is the most important feature you want to have in your hosting company. And I will tell you from my experience since 2023 with Website and WordPress hosting that no support can compare to Hostinger’s Success Team.

And you don’t just need my opinion, take a look at Hostinger’s customer reviews.

Already worked in several hosting companies for my clients, I have stayed Channel WP in international companies renowned as the WP Engine, but the support of Hostinger has no comparison with any other.

That’s how affiliate marketing works in a nutshell.

As you’re writing content, you include links to affiliate products or companies you’ve agreed to partner with and promote. If your readers click on the links and make a purchase, you’ll get paid. The details may vary from program to program, but you generally earn a small commission on each sale resulting from a click-through originating on your site.

For example, let’s look at our affiliate program.

We’ve established a user-friendly affiliate program that details what payouts are available and when you’ll receive them. This brings up another critical thing to note about affiliate marketing. You’ll want to make sure it’s clear what the expectations are not just for payouts, but also what the company expects from you as a marketer.

It’s pretty easy to get started with affiliate marketing. Just be careful that you don’t end up being required to market something you’re not entirely comfortable with. You want your readers to trust you, so keep that in mind as you explore the many options that are out there.

You can also check out one of the many WordPress plugins that help you manage your affiliate programs. ThirstyAffiliates is a popular tool.

“The ThirstyAffiliates WordPress plugin.”

This plugin can help you manage all of your affiliate links. You can easily add preformatted links to your content as you type. You’ll save time this way, and you’ll also have access to valuable analytics and reports.

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2. Use Ads to Generate Income

Another common and easy way to generate money from your blog is by allowing advertisers to bid for space on your website. Just as a business might be willing to pay for the best billboard location on the freeway, they’ll pay for prime spots for banner ads or display ads on the internet too.

Ad networks take available ad space and offer it at auction to various advertisers. In turn, those advertisers will often set parameters for their campaigns. That might include specific target audiences, style and formatting preferences, and goals for how many impressions the ad should get.

This means that if you have substantial traffic numbers and some space for text or visual advertisements, you can join an ad network. The most popular option is Google’s AdSense.

“Google’s AdSense platform.”

One of the nice things ab out AdSense is that it tailors ad placements to the layout, structure, and content of your website. This makes the ads highly relevant to your readers, increasing the chance that they’ll be clicked on. Plus, you can get started quickly by simply inserting the AdSense code into your website.

There are other advertising networks out there too. Some of them have more rigorous approval processes than others. If you’re just starting, you might want to check out some ad networks that are geared towards new websites. For example, PopAds has fast approval and caters to smaller publishers.