Where to Hang Window Blinds?


The question, “Where to hang Roman blinds?” is a good one. There are some considerations you will want to keep in mind when deciding on the correct location for your roman blinds Dubai.

Extra storage space

Consider where you will use the extra storage space the blinds provide. You may wish to have an additional work area in your bedroom. Since you will be using the curtains to block the light in that room, this can be an excellent place for the curtains to hang.

Provide extra workspace

If you wish to use your bedroom as a study, then these blinds can provide extra space to work. They are especially handy if you will be reading while you sleep. If you take the time to hang your bedsheets right over the blinds, you will have adequate space to maneuver and learn. Without waking up in the middle of the night, you can change sheets and read and watch where you stay in your house.

Will help keep your bathroom cool

In the bathroom, these blinds can be a nice feature. Your body heat will help keep your bathroom fresh. This is especially helpful if you have tiles or grout that are installed inside the walls. The warm, moist air from your body will help break down these materials and make it easy to clean.

Helps to block out any ambient lighting

You can hang your blinds in many different places. One commonplace for them to be attached is along the back of the sofa or chair. Many people use the same room for writing, reading, or other activities, and it helps to block out any ambient lighting.

Provide an elegant style

Another place to hang Roman blinds is in a formal dining room. These blinds can provide a classic style in your dining room. They give to any location in the home a touch of class.

A perfect setting for reading

You can also hang your blinds on a table that is off to the side. Many times a beautiful table and chairs set are the perfect setting for reading. You should sit on the table or the hands of the charts, so don’t think about the lights from the other surfaces.

Natural light to fill the room

In the living room, you don’t need to worry about the glare coming in from a window. You can leave the blinds down if you want to let the natural light to fill the room. There is no glare in the living room, and your guests won’t notice.


Extra protection 

Other than the dining room, you probably only need your Roman blinds in one area in the home. In the kitchen they are helpful.They offer you extra protection from the elements and help to prevent food stains from building up.

The flexibility of your Roman blinds

With the flexibility of your Roman shades, there are few places where you would not be able to use them. When you do decide to use them in a different room, you will want to be sure to take into consideration the room they will be hung in. There are many places in the home where these blinds may not fit. If you do find the screens are too small, you may want to consider a different type of display.

Hang and reposition your blinds

If you have screens that you already have hanging in another room, it may be beneficial to move them and reposition them for the new placement. You can put them in your closet and see if you like them. If you do not, you can bring them into the room you wish to hang them in and reposition them for a better look.

When choosing a hanging cabinet, decide on the size that matches your space. Remember that with a hanging cabinet, you will also need to hang items that are an element of the wall.


Where to Hang Roman Blinds is something that can be sorted out by trial and error. Just remember, whatever room you plan to use your blinds in, you will be pleased with the way they look in your room.