The trend of betting money in casinos has been in existence for several years now. However, the wake of the pandemic has resulted in the rise of online casinos more than was expected. Moreover, people are enjoying casino games from their comfort zone and so they are more into it. The increase in the popularity of online casinos has also resulted in the rise of scams.

That said, we strongly recommend if you are planning to get started with online casino games, ensure to choose a reliable one. Apart from the scammers available everywhere, people also often find the wrong ways of doing things and end up closing doors for themselves.

The world of gambling is huge and it also needs to have strict rules in place so that the participants can be assured of fairness in all aspects. Seeing the increase of scams in online casinos, several countries have banned gambling sites and only allow land-based casinos to operate. However, if online casinos still operate in your country, and you need help with whether or not a particular website is genuine, we have got your back.

We will help you identify gambling sites that are unlicensed and unregulated so that our readers can put in their hard-earned money on genuine casino sites only. Let us get started with whether the gambling site you have thought of investing your time and money on, is genuine. For instance, websites like are genuine and have thousands of players playing games everyday to enjoy.

  • The Website Doesn’t Have Licence Information Present On The Page

All genuine casinos have their licence number present on the homepage, and if you don’t find one, take it as a warning sign. By not displaying their registration number, they don’t want to list where they are situated and this is a major red flag since they are keeping critical information hidden. For instance, the European casinos are all required to make their licence visible on the homepage of their website itself.

This will help visitors verify whether their licence is genuine and if they are operating legally in the country or not. If a particular website is not listing this particular information, then it means that they are trying to con people. Besides checking the licence, players need to perform due diligence and make informed choices.

  • Online Casino Doesn’t Require Registration of Any Kind:

One of the most critical warning signs that players should pay attention to is when they are not required to register at the website. That said, before allowing a player to bet on online casinos, websites ask for a few basic information from them and they collect the required information through online forms.

Such websites are usually not regulated by any external authority, which means that they are free to do anything.

  • The Look and Feel is Fake and It Uses Cheap Images:

Another major warning sign that players should be aware of is fake looking game images that look cheap as well. A genuine website, may it be an eCommerce store or an online casino will always invest in high-quality images that include animations and graphics.

It is because this is one of the best ways of attracting more people towards their website to play games online. Besides, they also do this to provide a great user experience to every player who lands on their website.

  • The Casino is Offering Generous Bonuses:

Creation of promo offers is one of the tricks that almost every casino follows to attract more and more visitors and players. For instance, several casinos say that if you deposit a certain amount of money in the beginning, the players will be able to play games comfortably and freely. However, if you notice that a casino is offering a bonus that appears to be too generous, then there is something wrong with it, and you are getting into malicious activity.

That said, you should not fall prey for offers that look too good to be genuine. It can be a warning sign of a counterfeit platform.

  • The Website Doesn’t Offer Any Customer Support:

All genuine online casinos have customer support to assist their visitors with everything that they need. A player may have certain queries before they get started or when they are playing games and the customer support team will help them find answers to their questions. Every decent business website, whether casino or not, should have some kind of customer support to help their visitors with everything.

A casino website may have several communication options as well, but having at least one is of utmost importance. For instance, they may choose to allow their players to communicate through phone, email, chatbots, live chat options, etc. If you have shortlisted a website and you don’t see a way to communicate with their team, your choice may not be appropriate.

  • Doesn’t Provide Numerous Payment Options For The Ease Of Players:

Payment options provided by certain casino websites is yet another earning sign that helps a player distinguish between a genuine website and scam. That said, you should be aware of the payment options that the website is offering for its players to check on its genuinity. All reliable websites present multiple payment options for its players to make easy payments.

For instance, websites offer payment options through credit cards, debit cards, mobile wallets, cryptocurrencies, eBanking, etc. On the contrary, a scam website will have only one payment option for its players to make payments. Also, the account information of such websites usually employ fake names and addresses to con players.



You should be vigilant about choosing an online casino. Everything that appears to be good, isn’t actually good, and you need to determine where you are putting your money in. Playing games in online casinos is fun and entertaining provided that you choose a genuine website. That said, we strongly recommend you to stick to reputed platforms since they provide data protection and at the same time ensures genuineness. A bad website will soon make the experience of playing in an online casino a nightmare.