Mr. Sumi and SDIVISION

As the world is going with the corona virus crises, there are some of the people that are helping others to start and run their businesses in order to support their families and live a good life. Philippine was once very backward in every field of life. No one was really interested to do any kind of business with them. No one was even thinking for them. Most of the people were poor and were not able to start their own businesses. But now a days Philippine is a hot growing market. It is going well day and night and the main cause is its population. When the population of a country increases, the demand for everything start to increase. But in the start when there was no one to support them, so it was Mr. Sumi who shows interest for the country. He work as a truck driver in the start. He worked tirelessly day and night to reach his goal and to make the country a powerful economy. He started SDIVISION for the people of Philippines and help them in making their lives better. Mr. Sumi and SDIVISION was a hope for the people of the country for their better future. People of the country were getting loans for their businesses from other countries such as India, but they were also paying a high interest rate which was not good for them and surviving with such high interest rates was very much difficult. Looking in to the situation the company get involved in the microfinancing themselves. They started giving loans to people for work, e.g grocery shop, barber shop, butcher shop etc. They wanted to make the people financially free and the good part is that their interest rate is very much low compared to other companies. You can say that one fifth of other companies. And this was the best and real opportunity for the Philippines. The micro financing company of Mr. Sumi changed lives of the Philippines.  The company start the call center business in the country and make the whole world turned to the country for any call center jobs. Before Philippines, India was the hub for call centers. But now with the struggle of Mr. Sumi, the country is the biggest provider of VAs and call center services through out the globe.

Now they are looking towards Japan. They think that Japan has a very big economy and money. But they have no opportunities or attractiveness for investors to invest their money. Now the company wants to become a bridge between Japan and Philippines in order to get benefit of their money and also to give them benefit as well. The company have a great aim for the country and they are thinking of seeing the country a bigger industry and a bigger economy in the future in the next 10 to 20 years. They will withstand with the country and will work day and night for it.