Yankee Dryer Market – Ready for Prosperous Growth by Revenue till 2027

  • Yankee dryers are large drying rolls used to produce tissue-type paper products or goods by drying the tissue sheet to its final moisture.
  • Yankee dryers are used to provide a surface for creping with help from hot air hoods. Shell thickness and diameter, and the heat transfer capability of the shell material totally influences sheet drying.
  • Yankee dryer is used to compensate external loads of the doctor blade and pressure roll, internal steam pressure, and temperature differences across the dryer. Besides, it is used to produce a uniform load across the thickness of the machine.
  • Yankee dryers have some important components that include heads, the shell, journals, bearings, center stay, steam and rotary joints, grooves and ribs, steam distribution pipes, soda straws, riser pipes, and central steam collecting pipe and condensate headers. These components are designed to transfer heat or steam inside the Yankee dryer.

Growing demand for Yankee dryers in paper industry

  • Rising demand for Yankee dryers in the paper industry so as to maximize uniformity, to minimize mechanical issues, and enable heat transfer for producing paper products, is expected to be one of the major drivers of the market.

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  • Yankee dryers are also used to supply energy needed to support and transport sheets during the drying process in the paper industry. This in turn is expected to accelerate the growth of the market over the forecast period.
  • Furthermore, Yankee dryers are used to provide the base for the process of creping in conjunction with doctor blade, so it can be used in the operation of hot pressing the sheets in the paper industry, which can fuel the market.

Asia Pacific to Hold a Significant Share of the Global Yankee Dryer Market

  • Growing focus toward digitization and consumerism in the Asia Pacific, demand for Yankee dryers is expected to accelerate the growth of the Yankee dryer market over the forecast period. In addition, developing countries of the Asia Pacific region such as China and India are likely to boost the demand for Yankee dryers, due to rising literacy and growing use of documentation for printing and writing paper.
  • The exponential expansion of e-commerce in the Asia Pacific region followed by North America and Europe has opened up avenues where paper is being extensively used for packaging. This in turn is estimated to enhance the growth of the Yankee dryer market.

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Global Yankee Dryer Market –Competition Landscape

Some of the key players operating in the global Yankee dryer market are

  • Toscotec
  • Valmet Oyj
  • PAPCEL, a.s.
  • Hergen,
  • Kadant Inc.,
  • A.Celli
  • Exothermics, Inc.
  •  Valmet Oyj