Mixing Kratom Strains to Increase Potency

Mixing Kratom Strains to Increase Potency

Mixing of different kratom strains is important for early users to increase potency and reduce tolerance to one type. When one is used to taking a specific strain, the body gets used to it, and as a result, it ends up producing no effect. Hence, the dosage needs to be increased to acquire the desired results. Stagnant strain syndrome is a condition that is developed due to continued use of one strain. The solution to this is by simply mixing different varieties of kratom.

How to Mix Kratom Strains

There are three known ways of combining kratom strains, they include;

1. Mixing Different vein leaves of the same strain

It’s mainly recommended when the individual is sure of the effects of that specific strain. Red Maeng Da and white or green Maeng Da are examples that are commonly made combinations of this form.

2. Mixing various vein leaves of a variety of strains

It is the most used combination for users who want to acquire mild to moderate results in various strains. Often, it elicits a unique effect that is not always found in other kratom mixtures.

3. Mixing veins of the same vein types from different kratom strain

Commonly used when the individual desires to achieve a particular effect, two red strains may be mixed for persons with opiate withdrawal to increase its potency.

Best Kratom Combinations to Increase Potency

When a kratom user decides to use a particular combination of strains they do so depending on the desired effect they want to achieve. For instance, if a person wants to acquire an energizing effect, the mixture should have complementary stains. This is one that has a higher energizing effect and one that has the same energizing effect; hence results are achieved at a smaller dosage due to increased potency. So Mixing kratom strains for different effects is a great idea to get desired results safely. Hence there is a decrease in tolerance and an increase in potency of the drug. The combinations are as listed below based on the effect one wants to have.

White vein Maeng Da and white Borneo Kratom

The white vein Maeng De strain is widely known as a stimulant and for elevating one’s mood. White Borneo is also known for boosting the mood and has some energizing effect. A mixture of the two makes an individual psyched up and produces energy that enables one to wake up and prevent sleepiness.

Red Bali and Red vein Sumatra Kratom

Red Bali kratom is used for its calming effect. On the other hand, Red vein Sumatra is widely used due to its relaxing effect, lowers anxiety, and calming effect. When the two are blended, it enables someone who had a hard, tiring, and stressful day to be at ease and helps them relax.

Red vein Sumatra Red vein Borneo Kratom

Red vein Sumatra relieves anxiety, assisting one to relax and calm down. Red vein Borneo alleviates nervous system tension, ensures the brain is not clouded, and the thoughts remain undisturbed. When the two are consumed together, they relieve anxiety and nervousness.

Green Malay and Green Indo Kratom

When green Malay is used at high doses, it’s a sedative and thus helps with anxiety. Green Indo is commonly used to ease tense and allay nervousness. It helps culminate nervousness before major and big events.

Red vein Bali and Red Indo

Red Bali is popularly used to induce sleep. It does this by managing the factors that affect a person’s quality of sleep. The factors include stress, anxiety, and muscle tension. It enables one to calm down and get enough sleep. Red Indo is also used in case one has sleep disorders like insomnia, sleepwalking, and parasomnia. The mixture of the two enables one to get enough sleep.


In summary, mixing a variety of kratom strains has been discovered as a way to come up with combinations that are more user-specific. Making these combinations easy and cheap. According to research, beginners are encouraged to start with a mixture of different vein leaves from the same strains to increase the compound’s potency.