Are you spending this Valentine’s Day with your partner in person or are you having to enjoy a Zoom date instead, due to Covid restrictions? Either way, it’s time to pay some attention to your hair and beard.

The latest survey from All Things Hair has found at 85.4% of women feel it’s important for their date to look like they’ve spent time on their appearance. It turns out that rocking up with straggly hair or a beard that you’ve lost control of is a definite no-no.

However, popping to the barber to get ready for your big Valentine’s Day date isn’t as easy as it used to be, with establishments up and down the country having to close in response to various pandemic-related restrictions.  So, are you ready to tackle your Valentine’s grooming? Read on for some helpful tips.


Are you sporting a suitable beard style?

Various studies have shown that women find men with facial hair attractive. But what kind of facial hair does that mean? Should you be sporting three-day old stubble, or a full-on biker beard complete with plaits?

Actually, it’s not quite that simple. The shape of your face, the width of your neck, even the shape of your mouth, nose and ears can alter how good (or otherwise) a certain style of beard looks on you. The key to finding out is experimentation.

Clearly, trialling different beard styles should start quite some time before Valentine’s Day. However, if you’re pushed for time, you could always play around with one of the various beard styling apps that are available these days. Some popular styles that are worth a try include:

  • Stubble – the shortest and easiest beard to pull off, stubble consists of up to about 3 mm of growth. It’s great for adding instant maturity to your face and takes very little time and effort to achieve. Just be sure to carefully shape the edges in order to give your stubble definition, rather than a more ragged effect.
  • Goatee – like stubble, this is a good option for men who find it hard to grow a full beard. The goatee consists of a patch of beard on the chin, sometimes including growth above and around the mouth. It’s a flexible style that suits a wide range of face shapes and requires fairly minimal maintenance, other than careful shaping and trimming.
  • Fade – taking its inspiration from fade haircuts, the face beard consists of shorter growth at the top, with fuller growth towards the bottom of the beard. You’ll need to be confident in your beard trimming abilities if you plan to pull this off at home.
  • Short – a short beard involves fairly even growth all over. Be sure to keep your edges neat and tidy for a well-defined look.
  • Full – if you’re opting for a full beard, be prepared to put some time in. Not only do you have to commit to growing it, you’ll need to put time into maintaining it too.

Remember that wearing a beard should be all about feeling good as well as looking good, so if your style fills you with confidence, you know you’ve got it spot on.


Valentine’s Day grooming products

If you want your beard and your hair to be looking their best for Valentine’s Day, it’s time to invest in some products. Did you know that the majority of people like doing hair treatments before a date? All Things Hair reports that the majority (46.97%) prefer to keep their pre-date treatment costs below $40, but that 40.61% are happy to spend between $50 and $100. So, don’t feel bad about a pre-Valentine’s splurge on hair and beard products!

In terms of your beard, you’ll need a good quality beard shampoo. Note that this shouldn’t be the same shampoo you use on your head, as that can rob your face and beard of much-needed essential oils. To keep your beard looking its best for your special someone, you’ll also need a beard conditioner, as well as your choice of oils, creams, butters and pomades (the latter is particularly useful if you want to shape your style, thanks to the wax in it).

For your hair, a good quality shampoo and conditioner are essential. Then, as with your beard, you have a wide range of styling products available to nourish your hair and keep you looking fantastic. For hair balms to salt sprays to moulding concrete, you can enjoy preparing for Valentine’s Day by finding the perfect combination of products to suit your hair style, type and length.


Cutting your own hair

Speaking of hair length, it’s more than possible that you may be facing the prospect of cutting your own hair this Valentine’s Day. The absence of barbershops and hair salons led to some interesting hairdos over the course of 2020 and the issue has continued into 2021.

If you have to take matters into your own hands this Valentine’s Day, then a pair of professional scissors or clippers is an absolute must. You need the right tools for the job in order to achieve the best results and to keep your hair in the best possible condition (kitchen scissors, for example, tend to bend the hair while cutting, leading to split ends).

If you’ve not trimmed or clipper-ed your own hair previously, it’s probably best to get a bit of practice in before your big date night. These aren’t easy tasks to complete on someone else, let alone yourself! Make sure you’re in a well-lit room with at least two mirrors, strategically positioned to allow you to see the back of your head comfortably, as well as the front and sides. The same applies if you’re also attempting to cover any grey hairs at home for the first time – good lighting and being able to see precisely what you are doing are non-negotiables.

Above all, no matter which products you opt for, make sure you enjoy the pre-Valentine’s Day pampering experience and wear your style with confidence.