Meet Khizer Ishtiaq Founder of Zerteck Digital Setting Benchmark for Youth

Khizer Ishtiaq, one of Pakistan’s youngest entrepreneurs, wants to become the business world emperor. He not only dreams but had started working on it already years ago.

Not so focused on studies and marks, Khizer Ishtiaq preferred to step into the real world where marks and grades do not matter, but the talent does.

When everyone persevered after the grades in eight academy criteria, Khizer’s inclination ran after ‘meriting money with his skills. His base wheeled out to be prolific after focusing on self-learning rather than spending money on overpriced programs.

Learning digital marketing, freelancing, he had inferred an experience of over five years, and the race proceeds.

Now, he is the proprietor of one of the best running marketing companies globally named ‘Zerteck Digital.‘ Providing all the compensation he mastered, there is an extra level of SEO, web hosting, domain registering, content writing, graphic designing, branding, promotions, and many complementary co-operations.

The triumph tales are made with day and night working with the hard-working and maximum intent. Once you are steady and stubborn to your destination, no hindrance can stop you from reaching the peak you aspire.

Khizer Ishtiaq is an example for those youngsters who understand that their dreams will be shattered with insignificant nuisances. He never gave up despite failing hurdles in his six-year-old long trip or hard work and success.

Khizer depreciated all the communities against him to heighten his resolute confidence and is a renowned most naive entrepreneur and a freelancer. Follow him and