Lesiba Mothupi

About Lesiba Mothupi

Mothupi faced a lot of hurdles in his life. His journey wasn’t easy. He was born in a small town in Polokwane, South Africa, in 1997. He grew up facing struggles. He is the middle child of his parents in three in total. He lived in a garage with his siblings and mother when he was 14 years old.

The start of his entrepreneurial life was on a small scale when he started selling chips and sweets with his friend in a local market. When he was 15 years old, he got interested in skateboarding. Lesiba Mothupi was unable to pursue his passion as he doesn’t have enough money. He sold the parts of his skateboard to have some money for his passion.

Ups And Downs In Lesiba Mothupi Life

His life turned into an ugly phase when he lost his friend. He was not ready to face this sorrow. He started smoking weeds and drinking alcohol. He had started selling weeds, as he thought a black man could only earn money in the wrong ways. He dropped out of school. His family supported him to get rid of these wrong deeds, and he successfully turned to normal life.

How Forex Trading Helped Him To Meet His Goal

Lesiba Mothupi got to know Forex Trading when he was 19. He decided to turn his fate by following this path. He made investments in multiple schemes, in 2018. All of them were a scam and he left with $100k debt. But, this didn’t push him down from his passion and he started with new energy. It was his consistent learning and hard work that helped him to dive deeper into the business of forex trading. At the age of 22, he was a millionaire and at the age of 23, he was a multi-millionaire. Now, this young entrepreneur is running his forex trading institute known as “Forex Chasers” where he is educating thousands of youngsters. His goal is not to teach people how to earn money but to educate them to have a business that helps them to earn consistent revenue. With his professional team, he is providing quality services to his clients. He is passionate to spread knowledge and value around.

Successful Life Of Lesiba Mothupi

The story of Lesibe Mothupi is not ordinary. At a young age, he is a multi-millionaire and persistently moving towards success every day. Recently he bought a Mercedes Benz A45, his dream car. He attained financial freedom and supported his family. All of this success is due to his positive attitude towards his passion and his strong determination.



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