How Can Sexting Ruin the Personality of Our Gen Z?

Sexting Ruin the Personality of Our Gen Z

The digital devices have changed many things in our life. People bought a newspaper to read the updates, but now, they open the internet and check every latest news within seconds. It shows how much the internet replaces the things of real-life. But do you know about its downsides? Well, the most hitting victim is the youth. There are many youngsters using the internet in excess, including cyberbullying, hacking, harassment, sexual abuse, sexting, etc. today, we will all focus on rate of sexting among teens that how it is rapidly growing and leaves negative impacts.

Sexting – What is it?

Sexting is the process refers to receive or send sexually explicit photos and videos to other individuals. It happens through digital devices.

 Impacts on Teens

When a teenager shares the photos or video, he/she thinks that it will be safe. But many times, the receiver shares such stuff with others, and the situation gets worst.

Sexting has both social and legal issues that every teen should learn about.

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Here, we have come up with 5 major evil effects that your child may face. 

1 – Affect Adulthood – Digital Footprint 

Our online activities always stay on the internet space and can stalk us in our future. When a user uploads a picture, anyone can take a screenshot or save them on the phone. Teens are not safe in the online world. Sexting ruins the online presence of teens. The label of sexting also affects future life and can cause unlimited problems in adulthood.

2 – Suicidal Case

If a teen sends sexually explicit photos, he/she never thinks about the consequences. Sharing such stuff can turn into harassment and blackmailing. It causes stress and depression, which urge the victim to attempt suicide.

3 – Lead to Commercial Sexual Abuse

The single thought about sharing personal pictures with sexual predators gives goosebumps. What will occur when your teen does it? Well, it is a nightmare that can hit anyone. Your kid can fall into online predators’ traps and send them the stuff that they want. They earn the child’s confidence, and they force them to involve in commercial sexual abuse.

 4 – Teens can get Crime Charges 

Sexting is illegal under many laws. Teens shouldn’t go beyond the limit while sharing his/her stuff online. Teens can get charged, and it also affects the family (cause financial burden). Such family crises leave an awful impact on society, and its effects will be long-lasting.

5 – Online Harassment 

Teens online relationships often end-up badly, but what will happen next? The other partner can leak the personal pictures of the victim and share it on public accounts. It drives the attention of many and can develop a negative attitude towards the victim.

Take Charge Of your Teens’ Screen – Android Spy App

What our kids do online? Parents should know the answer to this query. Installing the android spyware in the digital device will explore who is sending messages to your child. Access to IMs and Text-messages unveils the truth and gives parents a chance to manage the monitor texting of their kids.

Not only text-messages but parents can also track chatrooms and social media profiles. 80% of Online predators use social media to target teens. Such an android spy app empowers the end-user to block or unfollow any online friends under stealth mode.

It will minimize the risks of sexting and eliminate many online threats, including bullying, etc.


All the above potential dangers are crucial to be discussed with your teens. They can encounter such online experiences until they learn from their parents. Guiding them is necessary but tracking their phones is also need of today. They find sexting attractive and get engaged with online friends.

Parents can stop their children from doing such illegal activity with an android spy app which works in the background secretly.