Matthias Mende joins the elite club of Verified Instagram Influencers in Dubai

    Congratulations to Matthias Mende, one of Dubai’s most sought after influencers for officially receiving the ‘Verified” Status to his Instagram profile. This is indeed a great feat for him and his large follower base of nearly 200k who has rallied behind him for years on his many initiatives. German Entrepreneur Mende has been a source of inspiration to young people through various talk shows he has anchored. He was also a notable guest at some special functions of the 2023 World Economic Forum in Davos.

    The ‘Verified’ badge from Instagram marks a significant milestone for any social media personality. It adds credibility like never before to the online presence of an influential figure. It is how Instagram officially confirms the authenticity of the public figure, celebrity or the global brand it represents. This is why we consider this as a remarkable achievement for Mende. He is now one of the few verified Superstars in the Blockchain and Bitcoin Space like Brock Pierce, Roger Ver, Evan Luthra, Justin Sun, Pavel Durov and John McAfee.

    Expressing his satisfaction with us, Mende further stated “I had always looked forward to this day. To be honest, this is a great milestone for me. This wouldn’t have been possible without my 170K active and supportive followers, it’s a big win for all of us. Thank you for all the love and support all these years”

    A host of other Instagram celebrities and verified persons took turns to congratulate Mende. A big shout out to everyone for their heartfelt congratulatory messages: Rıfat Yüzüak, Essa, Emilia Pedersen, Rabia Karataş, Karl Wolf, Arvind Vijaymohan, Lillee Jean, Renata Spallicci, Saif Rubie, Helly Luv, Oneimart Raquel, Dragana Totic, ca$hmani, Hind Ahmed, Andrew Henderson, Saygin Yalcin, Deyana Zivkovic, Neeraj Variyani, Dominguero, Herbert R. Sim, Afiya Bennett, Yahya AlGhassani, Snoop Dogg, Khalid Bounouar, Roy Fernandes, Jason Santos, Bouba, Harry Sellwood, Armand Peri, Daks Umar, Mr. Kangen, Caroline Brooks,The Rap Princess, Dr. Shawn Sadri,  Mohamed Ezzat, Marwan Galadari, Keyy Caputo, Orkan Doganci, Wolf aka George Michael Farha, Mohammed Majed and Stelove Koko.

    This achievement comes at a time when Matthias Mende was sponsoring a big giveaway on Instagram. The giveaway was focused on alleviating the financial distress being experienced by most people as a result of the global coronavirus pandemic. This is one of the many ways Mende has been a source of blessing to many people in his community including his followers. Mende was always annoyed by bad minded internet criminals stealing his identity and trying to scam innocent people. Matthias Sheikh Mende aims to share knowledge and valuable information to his followers to get more conscious, more educated and more mindful about themselves and their surroundings.