Meet Mohamed Ezzat aka Moee; An Public Figure And World Class Talent Manager

    “Life has a way of depositing special attributes in us, sometimes it requires something more to discover what we are made of. Every individual has got some special and unique talent, most times we don’t know it until someone takes us by the hand and leads us to it”, said influential public figure and talent manager, Mohamed Ezzat aka Moee.

    Over the years, Mohamed Ezzat has been helping young people in and out of the UAE in discovering and nurturing their special talent in the finest way ever. Moee is an ardent football sports fan and he is also a close ally to most influential footballers all over the world.

    In one of his several hangouts, He had a great time with the Juventus superstar and former Real Madrid forward, Cristiano Ronaldo. He and the 5-time Ballon d’Or winner talked extensively about talent recognition especially as it concerns young football stars.

    Moee is best recognized for his unending support and love for young talent, he has also been a big part of the success stories of young football stars and kids with special talents. This forms a core part of the activities he spends most of his time doing. You can as well keep up with Ezzat’s stories and timelines by following him on @moee, which is his official Instagram handle.