Introducing Dywayne Thomas, a man of many hidden talents and extremely resourceful when it comes to giving advice on various subject matters.

Thomas got his first taste of acting back in the mid eighties after performing alongside lead actor Sylvester McCoy in the 1986 production of ‘The Pied Piper’ held at the Royal National Theatre, Southbank, London. This was by far his most notable experience of that period.

After an absence of nearly twenty years, Thomas returned. To get back into the swing of things, he decided to do bit of Screen Action training at the British Action Academy, which he intends to resume his stunts training with soon. He also completed training with acting coaches, Christopher Villiers & Matthew Ashforde (2020 Casting), Alex Fideslski (The Reel Scene), Benjamin Leonides-Morgan (Film & TV Firearm Training) and various subject tutors during his time at the Identity School of Acting.

Dywayne Thomas with industry friend, TV Personality, Bianca Maria.

Thomas is currently preparing for his new acting role of a charming Italian barman, Mario Colombo, in the feature film ‘MIA,’ expected to be released sometime next year.

Starring alongside lead actor GAVIN GORDON, Thomas has a featured role in the upcoming feature film ‘SURVEILLED‘ and he is also an Associate Producer of the crime thriller “CYBERLANTE,” both films are produced by Raya Films.

SURVEILLED is a frightening horror film about a young guy who believes he’s found the identity of a ghastly serial killer stalking his hometown of Clairmont.

GAVIN GORDON, who plays JOE BROOKE, the lead protagonist, is a professional Surveillance Operative with a love for horror films. Additional cast members includes actors JOHNNY KINCH, MELANIE AUMANN, ROBERT ROWORTH and KELLY CALABRESE.

SURVEILLED is currently in the post-production stage.

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