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After graduating from college, every student wants to join the professional field and thus prepares a compelling resume to gain the attention of the employers. But COVID-19 has put an unbelievable halt on all your plans. However, there is no need to put yourself in any complex dilemma as you are also dipped into the same job pool where millions of people from worldwide already are.

In this current scenario, instead of wasting time what you can do is gaining some resume skills that will help your resume to stand out from the rest. You can make the best use of the COVID-19 quarantine by learning some new skills and giving a boost to your resume. Here are some:


  1. List the Personal Inventory of your Skills

Depending upon the job that you are looking for, there are some hard and soft skills that could be your deal maker, so make sure to highlight those skills on your resume. So, before listing your stellar skills, you must do some research work to know what skills and experiences exactly the employers are seeking a qualified applicant.


  1. Choose a New Talent or Polish your Skills

After assessing your skill set, all you need to do is polish your career skills. Thanks to websites such as Coursera, Skillshare, and others whose online classes and webinars are not only accessible at your fingertips but due to these unprecedented circumstances, they are offering some courses absolutely free of cost while some at heavy discounts.

Moreover, learning some new skills will also prove useful while seeking a promotion, a future raise, or taking on any new job role.


  1. Prove your Versatility by Meeting New Demands

One of the most prominent resume skills is to prove to your employers that you are versatile and also you could turn out to be one of the biggest assets for their company. This could be done by implementing the skills that you have gained either during an internship or past experiences. Once you have done so, there is a possibility that you might become one of the most sought-after candidates in the future.


  1. Evaluate your Online Presence

With thousands of applicants in respective job fields, if you want to stand out from the rest then you must verify your online presence. While hiring, many employers take a look at the social media pages of the potential candidates. So, it is advised to be active on social media platforms, make sure that your LinkedIn profile is updated with the latest academic as well as internship experiences.


  1. Take Participation in Online Events

With the world transforming digitally, learning is no more confined to classrooms or in-person events. To stay ahead in this competitive digital world, instructors and experts have made their presence online, either through live streaming or by uploading the videos of online events on YouTube.

There are lots of digital transformation programs and online webcasts available online, so either you can register for them and participate or you can also opt to learn offline by downloading them. This is also one of the effective resume skills that draw the recruiters.

At the end of the event, don’t forget to visit the social media pages of the events and comment there. While doing so, you can even tag presenters or use event hashtags. If you are a student and to utilize this time to learn more skills but don’t get enough time to participate in online events due to essay tasks of your college, then buy essay online.


  1. Attend Webinars and Podcasts

Both webinars and podcasts are premium ways of acquiring knowledge regarding different topics. Even while performing your daily chores, you can listen to podcasts. Just search iTunes for the podcasts of any specific topic and get instant access to it. Moreover, through RSS feeds also, you can automatically subscribe to receive your recent recordings.

Webinars are usually live audio-video sessions, which allow you to interact with the audience as well as your instructor’s ‘face-to-face.’ Even if you are attending the sessions online, treat every webinar like you are attending it in-person. At last, don’t forget to share your live feedback on the webinar.

Hopefully, by now you must be aware of some exclusive resume skills that will enhance your resume and increase your potential chances of getting hired. So, before diving into the job market, add these skills to your resume.


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