Little Known US Platform “Adilo Video Cloud” Takes on Video Hosting Giants

adilo video cloud

Video hosting service is essential if you’re a business owner or a digital marketer. These hosting service providers allow you to host your videos and customize the video player according to your brand identity. Video hosting service is considered as an integral part of digital marketing.

Whenever you think of “video cloud” or “video hosting service,” the first thing that comes to your mind is YouTube, Vimeo, Kaltura, Wistia, or Vidyard. The reason is that these service providers are popular and operating for many years. But have you heard of “Adilo Video Cloud”? We guess not?

Well, Adilo is a little-known US-based video hosting platform that is new to the business, but it is taking on big hosting giants such as Vimeo, Kaltura, and Vidyard, etc. Adilo is offering exciting features at an affordable price.

Adilo Video Cloud

Adilo video cloud is a new video hosting service provider, which is based in the United States. Other video hosting companies only deliver video hosting service and video player customization, but Adilo goes beyond hosting and customization.

It comes with powerful tools that allow you to organize your videos and get real-time data to increase your conversion rate. Moreover, Adilo delivers a smooth 4K streaming experience across all the devices.

Adilo Video Cloud Features

Here are some of the features offered by Adilo, which makes it stand out from giant video hosting companies.

  1. The price plan of Adilo is affordable and without any hidden charges. It allows you to host unlimited videos, even with its basic plan. While big hosting companies have hidden costs, and they don’t offer unlimited video hosting.
  2. As compared to other hosting companies, Adilo delivers ultrafast video encoding, which means that your videos are ready to be viewed in no time.
  3. It comes with the feature of real-time analytics; you can act on data and increase your conversion rate.
  4. The Adilo video player is completely customizable; you can add your logo, choosing the color that matches your brand identity, and customize the player controls.
  5. Adilo offers DRM technology that protects your premium content, making it the best hosting platform for teachers and e-learners.

Adilo is new in town, but that doesn’t stop it from challenging the video giants. The best part about Adilo is its unlimited video hosting.

Price Plans

Adilo offers three price plans, and each price plan offers different features. These price plans include:

  1. Starter plan for $99 per month with unlimited hosting, storage, and encoding. The plan comes with a bandwidth of 1TB per month.
  2. Pro plan for $299 per month with unlimited hosting, storage, and encoding. The plan comes with a bandwidth of 3TB per month.
  3. Business plan for $799 per month with unlimited hosting, storage, and encoding. The plan comes with a bandwidth of 10TB per month.

Moreover, Adilo is offering a free forever plan as well. The free plan comes with unlimited video hosting and a bandwidth of 10GB. However, you won’t get all the features with a free plan, such as real-time analytics and custom branding.