Lionel B Cracks 28-Year-Old Mystery of Jay-z’s First Daughter

Everything was fine previously, but apparently, it’s not so good right now. YouTube star Lionel B from the Lionel B Show was informed that rap star Jay-Z has fathered a child with a woman named Lisa Macer. Lionel B was the first person to cover the story after news of the existence of his 28-year-old daughter La’Teasha Macer hit the Internet. Other YouTube blogger Unwine With Tasha K, and Empressive TV was of course angered that they weren’t able to get the exclusive interview, before the Lionel B Show unveiled the industry secret on the platform. The rapper’s daughter revealed recently of her discovery after taking a DNA test, that Beyoncé husband is her father. This comes as a shock because Jay-Z has only publicly claimed his children that he fathered with Beyoncé. La’ Teasha a Cambridge, MD native came under fire by the pop stars fans with anger about coming out with her story, and many believed it was for money. However, the rapper’s daughter, has always indicated it never was about the money.

Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter former best friend Dehaven Irby executive producer of The Marcy Made Project documentary came forward in an exclusive sit down with popular Youtube Celebrity News Blogger Lionel B on the Lionel B Show and revealed that his friend knew of her existence ever since she was born, he just chose not be a dad to her.


Beyoncé fans on social media instantly reacted to the news and many are troubled with the revelation. Jay-Z and Beyoncé have been so instrumental in giving back to African American communities, yet they haven’t taken care of his child La’Teasha Macer. Sheesh…watch the video link below: