Lecia Scotford – Improving Clinical Performance to Transform Patient Care

To optimally manage any business, a good organization is a basis, since it helps us analyze and optimize all resources, and be able to make better use of our time. Running a clinic is no different, and support in new technologies can be crucial for this. As Lecia Scotford suggests, having centralized software for the comprehensive management of your clinic can bring many benefits. Easy management of day-to-day tasks can improve staff productivity and help us more easily meet patient expectations and needs, for example.

If you already have your management program, below we offer you some keys so that you can optimize its use and productivity.

All the keys to optimizing the management of your clinic by Scotford

Make good use of the medical agenda and / or calendar. Maximize the potential of your medical agenda to organize appointments well, check the status of each of them or schedule alerts or the reservation of the different rooms and suitable personnel. The correct management of these tasks can help us save a lot of time.

Duration Visit

Help yourself with your management program to carry out a study of the duration of each procedure and test, and analyze the average time of each visit. You will be able to more easily estimate and control waiting times and schedule different appointments more efficiently, avoiding, on the other hand, having a waiting room full of patients.

Alert Reminder

According to Lecia Scotford, use the different alert and reminder systems such as emails or SMS to send patients all the information about their next appointment. This will help you ensure that your patients come to the consultation and, in case they cannot, it will serve as a reminder to your patients so that they can call and cancel. In this way, we can dedicate that time to another patient and re-appointment the canceled patient.

Medical History

All information related to patients is very sensitive, both because of the confidentiality and professionalism with which it must be treated, and because it is what allows you to do the job efficiently. Taking advantage of and making good use of the medical records of your management software, adding annotations and specifying each treatment, recipe or even diet, will help you have greater control over each one of them and better control their evolution.

Optimize your business operations to meet changing industry demands, and create a more scalable and efficient system to support cost control and quality initiatives.

Health organizations are adopting technology strategies focused on patients and on process improvement that facilitate the exchange and analysis of information, ensure privacy and security and create more efficient clinical and business processes.

Work Process –

Lecia Scotford can help you establish a collaborative, standards-based environment with excellent integration between various technologies across your network, in the cloud, on-premises, or in hybrid environments, enabling you to:

  • Integrate process and organizational design with technology acquisition and implementation
  • Increase capacity and performance
  • Improve process measures, quality performance, and patient and staff satisfaction
  • Provide an instant response to reporting to allow you to react to events in real-time
  • Help reduce costs and increase operational efficiency

Benefits –

In order to modernize the infrastructure of a hospital, we apply information and communication technologies to the delivery and administration of care, which can help you increase capacity and improve processes, security and protection, all this with Lecia Scotford, while making your operations more efficient and cost structure.