What is Best Electric Baseboard Heater

The simplest way to ensure your home has a constant source of heat is to install an electric baseboard heater. With various sizes and designs to choose from, this purchase will help you feel satisfied and relaxed in your home throughout the year.


Choosing the right baseboard heater for your home can be difficult. With so many baseboards to choose from it is easy to become overwhelmed. Considering these ideas will help you to choose the best electric baseboard heater for your home.


Why Should You Choose Baseboard Heating?


The biggest advantage of baseboard heaters is that they are convenient.

Baseboard heaters are the simplest way to heat your entire home. Baseboard heaters are small and will not draw anyone’s attention or take the focus off the design of the room.


Most heaters are mounted on the wall. They only need to be installed once and they can be turned on when the weather becomes chilly. There are even portable models of baseboard heaters that you can move to any room of your choosing.


The unique thing about baseboard heaters is their heating instruments are enclosed in many sheaths of metal. It was designed to promote the circulation of heat in the air and around the room while increasing the temperature. Cool air is carried into the machine warmed up then released through the vents into the room.


Baseboard heaters are designed to be energy efficient. Most heaters are manufactured to heat spaces up to 200 square feet. Many models have a built-in off switch that will shut the heater off when the room gets too hot.


 How to Maintain Your New Electric Baseboard Heaters


Baseboard heaters are not hard to maintain. With a few simple steps, you can properly maintain your electric baseboard heater.


Clean your baseboard heaters frequently.


Dust tends to settle in our baseboard heater, this can give off an unpleasant odor. Once a week blow the dust out of your baseboard heater to prevent a foul odor.


Keep the airflow unrestricted.

The electric baseboard heater should be mounted 1 1/2 inches above your carpeted floor. In addition to this, the heater must be one foot of clearance on every side of the heater to promote the flow of air.


Use the Thermostat Properly


It is easy to set the heater on the highest settings to quickly change the temperature. Be patient with your heating system. You may experience issues down the road if you continue to select the highest setting every time you enter the house. Set the temperature to the regular settings. This will help to maintain the longevity of your machine.



How much do Electric Baseboard Heaters Cost?


Baseboard heaters are a cost-efficient way to provide your entire home with a heating system. If you live in a home where the HVAC system or furnace is unsuitable a baseboard heater is the best option for you.


Compact heaters can be purchased for under $50 for each heating instrument. With this option, you will be able to heat 4 rooms in your home for $200. Larger heaters that use more power and distribute more heat can cost up to $300. Hydronic heaters tend to run for $150 for each unit.