Fashion Blogging and modeling – Gal Stotland

Gal Stotland Standing in a great posture

Gal Stotland was born in Israel, 26 years old, fashion blogger Gal Stotland living his life as an influencer. Became successful at this age and showed everyone that age is just a number that doesn’t matter if you are looking for being successful. He was ruling the Instagram fashion community and gained a lot of attention from around the globe because of his different and bold fashion style. He has more than 222k followers under his belt and thousands of likes and comments on each of his posts.

He has been staying active on Instagram with over 300+ posts about his fashion sense and daily connection with people. His Instagram posts are flooded with likes and thousands of comments of appreciation and good stuff.

He once posted a picture which gained more than 14000 likes and 400+ comments. In that post, he confessed that he is getting hate comments from everyone because he is gay. He said that people keep bullying him just because he is gay? He revealed every single detail about his feelings. He felt so sad about this post. He said

“Why do we just people just on the basis of their living, their color, and their social media accounts?”

He gave motivations to others. He said:

“Don’t lower you voice because of these judgmental people. These people will not give you anything except heartache. So don’t care about these people, raise your voice against them, and make your move.”

Gal has taken a lot of attention from different social media platforms because of his motivations and open confession. They have gained his interview with several questions to make his thinking be heard around the globe.

They asked him that you are a leading fashion influencer for men despite being a model, but why did you decide to be one? He replied:

“I wanted to start my blog just to spread the sense of fashion and fitness for everyone who wants to know. Because I knew so many things about fashion, so I simply decided to share with people and play my part as an influencer.”

They asked him about changing something about the influence world. He replied:

“I think influencing deserves much more attention than it is getting during these days. Everyone wants to look good and wear good stuff. But they don’t get enough appreciation for what they are doing and wearing. He said this should change, and people should appreciate each other more and more to give them enough motivation for their next step.”

They asked him about his post in which he confessed to being gay. He replied:

“Look, me being gay should not be a problem to anyone unless I am forcing them to be like me. I am just myself. I am doing and living with what I like. It does not mean that people start bullying me and threatening me for this. I am a human, and I have every right to live my life as a want.”