Know About Ellen Alexander

Ellen Alexander The Russian Beauty

Ellen started her career at a very early age and she became successful soon. Following her father’s interest, she also got interested in modeling and signed projects with several top brands.

Ellen’s background

She was born in Moscow, Russia. Both of her parents were scientists while her father was also interested in photography. He contributed to the photography industry too. Ellen had started her modeling career from her father’s photography. She was a multitalented child and participated in theater, music, and dance. She also participated in TV shows. Her father tried to find opportunities for her in the commercial. She also played a background role in TV shows and movies. Ellen was trained at the world-renowned Chekhov Moscow Arts theatre school. As a model, she signed with a top agency when she was just 14. She did catalog shoots like “Guess” and “Versace”.

Work History

Now, her career is not limited to her native country Russia, but she is also working in the US and UK. Now, she is traveling across the world for her shoots. She appeared in France, Proverb Belgium, FHM, playboy, and façade of Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam. She also has successful projects on TV, white acclaimed, the law of the untamed, poor Anastasia, and a mother penance.

She is an experienced model. She has done multiple projects in Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Europe, and Russia. Various courses added to skills behind and in front of the camera. Multiple videos are written and produced by Ellen. Her work for fashion magazines and the cover of products are also well known.

She has also got an excellent talent for music from an early age. She is conveying her music themes as a creator and gifted performer. She creates her tones and remixes. She uses the coordination of different perspectives like tropical house, EDM, and hymens.

Future Plans

Though 2022 was very difficult for many people in the industry. She has a proper plane for 2022 and 2022. She planned to expand her work in different streams out of modeling, to show her talents. She feels that she is not getting enough time to reveal her talents because of modeling. Now, she is motivated to show her other talents to the world, which includes her music talent and others. Her presence on social media would be now more than in the past via her work in different skills and industries. She is also planning to get married soon and will start a traditional family, with her husband and kids.

Ellen Alexander On A Beach

Releasing 200 songs are included in her plans. These songs are written and composed by her. She will also release a press about her in near future. She will also work on her 3 websites, she currently has, GDP music group LLC is one of them.

Ellen had faced many hurdles during her career. Confidence was one of those hurdles she had to conquer. But these hurdles never stopped her from achieving her goals. She is a famous model now and will continue striving to achieve her future goals.

Ellen’s new music video to her song “Shadows” has recently premiered and is available for everyone to enjoy on YouTube:

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