The shopping season


AliExpress  is expected to continue breaking sales records with its Singles day deals on AliExpress . The e-commerce giant is expected to once again surpass its maximum sales in one day, exceeding the amount achieved last year on the same date.

Media Market

Media Market also offers discounts on November 11, although its reasons are not due to the day of the singles, but to the 20th anniversary of the opening of its first store.

To celebrate its 20 – year history, the company gives the 21% VAT on purchases made this November 11th to redeem for discounts on future purchases.

The reduction of this 21% VAT is not made directly on the product, but the firm gives a coupon with the amount so that the discount can be made on the next purchase. This applies to both purchases on the web and in a physical store and is possible to redeem until January 5, 2022. Media Market also confirms that the discount will be possible to apply on 2019.


The selection of deals for AliExpress 11/11 applies to a wide range of products from household technology and fashion.

Singles Day is here and with it, as with all festivities today, the large online stores have launched a multitude of juicy and varied offers to celebrate it. Known by many as the second Black Friday of the year, the 11 of the 11 is the date chosen to celebrate the day of the single and the single, because the number 1 represents a single person.

Now, since the so-called “Singles Day of the Century” (11/11/11) was celebrated in 2011 with various promotional activities in relation to the event, mainly aimed at attracting young consumers, the holiday has remained a day where , rather than being ashamed of being single, such freedom is celebrated with a multitude of gifts (what better way to do it?

Offers from 11 to 11

Hence the idea of ​​extrapolating Singles day deals on AliExpress to online sales. The success of the 11 of the 11 is increasing. If in 2013 sales of $ 5.8 billion were achieved, in 2018 this figure reached $ 30.8 billion.

As with Black Friday or sales, many businesses take the opportunity to use this day as a claim. Although the stores belonging to the Alibaba group are the ones that make the best deals and where you can find great bargains, large and small businesses can also join the party.

Aliexpress is the Protagonist

Many people may not be familiar with the name AliExpress. It is a large company whose lines of business include others that they surely do know.Aliexpress is the best known and the 11-11 celebration is its culmination of the year. For several days before, the platform offers games, discounts, coupons, codes, offers and various promotions to lower (even more) the prices of its products.

Smart shopping

First of all, look for the product you want in several stores. Even in those that do not have announced the 11 of 11. These may offer a better price or certain conditions that benefit more (points system if you buy regularly, free shipping in one day …).

The second thing is to try not to buy on impulse. Impulsive purchases tend to have a high rate of regret. For this, it works very well to use the wish lists or wishlists of online stores. Put it in several days before and when it is time to buy on the 11th of 11th think if you still want it.

More tips

Take a few minutes to find out about current promotions and offers. Often there are discount codes that, in principle, are not as visible as they should be and that can help you save a lot. It is also common in Aliexpress that from a minimum purchase they offer a greater discount.

Finally, it should not be forgotten that Aliexpress is a large business where numerous external stores sell their products. How do you know if the offer is real? Look at the seller’s ratings before you buy it. This will help you know if you are making a good purchase.

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