Keto diet facts you should be aware of today

Have you researched enough on what keto diet entails and how it works? Changing diets is a life-changing decision that may have long-lasting implications on your body and health. You therefore need to have a rough idea before you start your journey to achieve ketosis. Keto reboot is founded on controlled eating where carbs intake is highly reduced and fatty foods intake amplified. This is set to force your body to stop glucose metabolism to fats metabolism for your body energy.

  1. There is no stopping

Keto diet has a serious number of followers globally because of the inability to stop once you begin. Falling back to your old diet may confuse your body resulting in sudden weight gain. Slowly you adapt to the ketogenic diet and have to uphold it for as long as you seek to remain healthy and looking good.

  1. The flu will leave

When at the beginner stages, most people get scared away by the flu-like symptoms that manifest. These signs are normal and often fade away after practicing the eating habit for a few weeks. Brain fog may also happen where you feel dizzy and attacked by repeated headaches as a result of low glucose in the brain.

  1. Forget about your favourite carb food and snacks

This is a great sacrifice that ketosis fans have had to make. Keto prohibits certain carbohydrates and if your favourite meal happens to make list then necessary adjustments have to be made on your end. You do not want to introduce glucose into your system and confuse the good progress.

How keto works

Three simple rules govern the entire keto diet plan program.  Moderate consumption of proteins, low carbs intake and finally increase your fat consumption. The reason glucose is highly fought by keto diet is to give room for the body to utilize extra fats for metabolism and energy requirements. Once the body adapts into this ketosis state, more fat gets burnt and as a result weight management is experienced. Other health benefits include improved immunity and controlled appetite or eating habits. During ketosis, the liver produces ketones which can now be broken down to get energy used by the body for different activities.

Why keto diet may not be working for you

There are a number of reasons why you may not be getting the desired results from your weight management feeding program. The inability to reach ketosis is often the main reason most people get delayed or no results at all. Read on below to find out why you are not getting into ketosis as required.

Too much proteins maybe?

DO not get misled, pruvit reboot demands that one reduces carb intake and moderates their protein meals not increase them. Your main focus should be hitting the 55% fat intake for the body to break down enough fats during metabolism. Too many proteins are turned to amino acids and later glucose which goes against your whole purpose in the first place.

Over-enjoying the acceptable carbohydrates

DO not have too much of the acceptable carbs. Have them moderately or have your body easily leave ketosis state to resume your former self.