Basics of Football Betting

Before you start to make your wagers at fun88 it is important to understand the various terminologies and the way a sport betting is able to work. The following are some of the basic principles as far as sports betting are concerned and it will help you to get started.

The money lines

When you just read it, it seems quite intimidating. When you are searching a match up at sports book, it is a number which is next to the team that you want to bet on. The favorite does have a minus sign, while for the underdog, it has a positive sign. An example could be:

Arsenal +250

Chelsea -120

So what does it mean to have a -120 which is next to the Chelsea means? It denotes that, you are going to bet $120 so that you win $100. The

So, what does the -120 next to Chelsea mean exactly? The positive +250 that is next to the Arsenal denotes that you would have to bet $100 so that you win $250. The numbers do adjust proportionately and it all depends on the amount that you are going to bet on.

An example being that, in case you will be betting $10 on Chelsea win, you are going to win $8.33 if you win. an example is how you are going to calculate the numbers:

Amount you are likely to win/amount that you have to bet x the actual wager = amount that you will be able to win

100$/120$ x 10$ = $8.33

To bet on a favorite is a way that is straightforward. If you wish to bet $10 on an Arsenal win, they you are going to win $25 with the calculation being the same as the above:

250$/100$x10$ = $25.

To bet the spread

It is another wager type which you can make on a football match outcome. The sportsbooks are going to determine the team they think will win the match, assigning a value to the amount they think they are going to win.

An example is the Chelsea vs Arsenal match which might place Chelsea down as a single goal favorite. It might look something on the sportsbook like:

Chelsea -1(+105)

Arsenal +1 ( – 125)

For you to be in a position of winning such a wager, the team that you bet on has to cover the spread. What it denotes is that, they require exceeding the amount which the bookmaker expects the team to be able to win by. If you bet on Chelsea, they have to win by over a single goal.

If you will be betting on Arsenal, then they require losing by less than a single goal. In case Chelsea happens to win by one goal exactly, it might be referred to as a push and you will have to receive you first wager back.

The overs/unders

It is another type of bet which you can make on a soccer match. In this scenario, you will bet on the number of goals which are going to be scored.