Jefwifi app sick or safe icon vs. Corona Virus

Jefwifi app sick

The Coronavirus pandemic has left thousands of people all over the world dead while millions are in dire situations. That’s not even the half of it. Business, social activities, and even religious activities have taken massive hits from this disaster that has threatened to bring mankind to its knees. Well, at least it looked that way until mankind bounced back as has actually started regaining its pride back. But whats this newfound secret that turned things around? In case you haven’t guessed by now, its technology.

The Chinese government joined hands with Alibaba and Tencent (who happen to be local tech giants) to develop an app that tracks millions of people every day. This color-coded health rating system assigns three colors to people — green, yellow, or red — based on their travel and medical histories. China’s reliance on artificial intelligence (AI), data science, and technology to track and fight the pandemic has been applied by other countries around the world. The Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently authorized Israel’s internal security agency, to use cellphone location data in combating COVID-19.

Individuals who may have come into contact with the virus will be asked to quarantine themselves immediately via text message, thus allowing the government to significantly speed up the isolation process. The South Korean government has launched a smartphone app that can monitor citizens on lockdown. It will use GPS to track their location to ensure that they are not breaking their quarantine. In the same vein, health officials and scientists in Britain plan on testing the first smartphone app that would alert people who have come in contact with infected persons. The Hong Kong government has also joined the trend as they recently rolled out electronic tracker wristbands that alert authorities to persons who escape quarantine.

These approaches will be helpful, but we would like to introduce the latest entrant into the conversation—the Jefwifi App, this app offers global connectivity and allows its users to stay connected to the internet all the time. It is also designed to offer complete wifi solutions. It includes features like the creation of personal hotspot, scanning of the network, and Covid19 icons. This means you are open to everything. whenever your internet package gets exhausted without warning, and you need to stay online or download a file urgently.No need to rent wifi. Jefwifi app will find the nearest wifi and get you connected to open networks, it can help combat coronavirus too. All that needs to be done is to choose your icons like sick or safe then government and WHO can determine if the virus can be contained or need support from the world. How?will make tracking people much easier. Jefwifi used icons to trace everyone with users permission to allow access on wifi and gps. User can decide whether to use quarantine icon or covid19. Jefwifi user’s data are safe and secured.