The Rise of Crypto Trading After COVID-19 Lockdown Banking Crisis – reported by Coinipop

Coronavirus or COVID-19 is now becoming a headache around the world, majorly for the economy and financial markets. Several small businesses, food industry (like restaurants), and Travel (Airlines), have closed due to which people across countries are forced to STAY SAFE AT HOME.

On a pleasant evening in late 2017, I was utterly shocked out by a friend’s reaction when I simply asked him, “Hi, Buddy, how investment do you made in bitcoin?” All of a sudden, he went from joy to a disdainful look. 

I asked again, “What happened?” and he responded, “It’s a long story, bro. I heard great and positive reviews on how cryptocurrencies or Bitcoin have turned many into millionaires or even billionaires overnight, which made me think it will be wise to invest some (Happened around Nov 2017). All was a bubble, and the little I know, I was throwing a welcome party to debts. 

“I don’t think of making any investment of my hard-earned money in bitcoin again.”- He added 

I truly felt pity for him, but the real question stuck my mind was, “Did he do this homework before putting his hard-earned money?” – The answer is no, and in general, we heard out from people about the positivity and testimonies from unknown customers, and we jump on it. This is not how it is going to work

The market itself is very volatile, and one should consider the following more than FOMOs. Keeping this in mind, Coinipop has defined four smartest ways to invest in cryptocurrencies under this pandemic and trading tips that will help you survive during COVID-19.

Carry out an in-depth study before you invest in any cryptocurrency.

To make a decent profit cryptocurrency, you have to carry out in-depth research on the coins you are planning to invest in. This is the only way to do a self-evaluation, and then you’ll be more knowledgeable about the particular coins you want to invest in.

Never invest based on hype and noise. 

A seasonal or smart crypto investor doesn’t make calls based on noise and hype, as it is highly risky. Instead, they invest based on calculated risks and asking the right people for the right guide and choosing the right platform to get the best offer. For instance, if you are planning to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum, one can try using Coinipop as they offer a direct buy option using your credit card. This makes it double secure, and you can start with small funds too. Buying through credit cards directly helps you in minimizing the tricky and lengthy process of typical or any advance exchange.

Making money in the crypto isn’t an easy game to play. There are rules to follow, and you need patience and the right knowledge to make worthwhile profits.

Always Trust the top coins/currencies.

There are 1000s of coins according to CMC, but only a few have a good reputation and considered to be suitable for investment purposes.

Coins like

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Ripple
  • Monero

They are the best choice to get started with. And the easiest way to get some to build a decent portfolio is Coinipop.

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