How to Pack a Suitcase Efficiently For Travel

There are different methods to pack the suitcase and if you search for “The best way to organize the suitcase “you will get many answers. Here are several comparative methods for you to choose which method convinces you the most.

With so many options on how to organize the suitcase, I wasn’t sure if rolling is better than folding or some other recommended techniques, so I set out to answer the question. Which method is more space efficient? The conclusion is that you must take into account the types of garment.

How to pack the suitcase by rolling the clothes? Underwear, T-shirts, jeans, cotton pants and sweaters do not wrinkle if you roll them up tight. Take advantage and roll them up! Stiffer garments such as shirts, jackets, dress pants, or skirts. It is better if they are folded to avoid wrinkles.

Fold: Quick and easy (not necessarily efficient)

We are all very used to folding shirts, we do it almost daily. It’s like we have it in most of our closets and dressers. It is for this reason that many people simply fold clothes and put them in the travel luggage, I include my father here.

But this method, in which you have clothes in squares or rectangles, leaves many holes in the suitcase. This is because the clothes we fold do not have the same measurement, with which we have various measurements of rectangles or squares … and it makes us a rather complicated puzzle.

If your clothes are almost the same size as summer boy clothes, the problem is almost imperceptible. But when we grow, the problem also grows.

By folding the clothes, you will also find the problem that you will pack the luggage so that it fits better, not necessarily in the order that you will use the clothes. Another disadvantage of folding clothes is that you must disassemble everything to find the shirt you want to wear.

Roll up: maximizes space (eye with wrinkles)

Rolling up makes clothes more compact, saving you much more space than folding. The problem with rolling up is that it sometimes produces more wrinkles. Although many people claim that rolling reduces wrinkles, depending on which garments can produce more wrinkles. As for example in blazers / blazers. Anyway, for me the shirts, jeans … I do not notice that they are more wrinkled than folding.

Stack and roll (note garment materials)

You can also put a stack of shirts, fold them, and finally roll them up. They say that if you put the clothes that tend to wrinkle almost at the end (outside of what the package will be) they wrinkle less.

With which, when putting them one on top of the other: The one that is above must be the garment with fabric that can wrinkle the most, such as cotton or knit fabrics,

Packets: compact but wrinkled

To form small packages, you simply have to fold and roll in other garments. It is a good way to have the combination of clothes ready. In addition to having organization, the clothes are very compact.

Perhaps you have seen a video of this method, if not here you have it. In the video you see how you put your socks, underwear, pants and a T-shirt and you roll it all up in the sock. In this way, in the space of the sock, you already have an almost complete change (if you are a boy). Although it seems great to organize clothes, you should always have a garment such as a sock or long sleeve to carry it out.

If you decide that you want to change the combination, you must also take apart several packages to find the specific shirt you want. This method is more practical for people who do not care what shirt they will wear every day.

Compressor bags: great for bulky garments

I am talking here about the compression bags that are used to save space at home. The ones that take off the air and many people use to store their clothes in the off-season. In theory, you can use these bags also for your suitcase and in this way you can carry more clothes. This technique is great if you wear very bulky things, such as blankets, sweaters, coats. The problem will be finding a vacuum cleaner on the way back from your trip so you can compress it again.

I recommend you to wear it directly and avoid the whole theater: after all, it will only lead you to think about how to bring it to the return trip. This method is ideal if you are moving to another country and you don’t mind bringing them back, but be careful. Make sure you meet the airline’s requirements to avoid unexpected charges.

2.6. Packing cubes: Great combined with the other methods

I must admit that packing cubes are my great allies. Although at first and I did not understand why everyone was talking about them, I was amazed when I tried them. Packing cubes in general will not save much space in your suitcase (unless you buy the packing cubes compressors).

Some will even add used space if they are too thick. Do not buy very thick or heavy packing cubes, because the space you save is taken up with the same packing cube.

You should not disassemble the entire suitcase to take out a garment, if you do not take the packing cube where it is, take the garment, close the packing cube, put the packing cube back in the suitcase. There are many types of packing cubes, in fact I have seen mothers simply using zippered plastic bags that they use to freeze food. Let’s see what types of packing cubes there are and which would be best for you.